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Email 18 October 2010

Elder Bitner - Josue - Elder Thatcher
¡Familia y amigos!
¿Como estan? I miss you all of course. Won’t get into that though... This week was really good. Went by so fast. Can’t believe I’m sitting here emailing already. Anyways, about what has been going on...
I had my first Baptism, Saturday,  I didn’t do it - my comp did, which is understandable. He was with the kid a lot more. The little boy we baptized is hilarious. I recorded him singing a couple songs for me. He always is asking for presents. The water for the Baptism was really cold. The hot water was broken, so the poor little kid freaked out right when he went under. He came up shaking more than I have ever seen anyone shake. It was so sad, but beautiful at the same time.. His mom didn’t go to the baptism... That was kind of sad, but I guess she had something unexpected come up. When we went by later that night to visit them, we found her reading the BOM. That was quite a surprise. She said she wants to know more, so we have an appointment with her tonight.
Anyways, one of our other investigators, Yani, is having a hard time. Her Aunt swears to her that the BOM isn’t true. I guess some guy here in Guatemala, that considers himself a prophet, said the BOM is not true too. Luckily it hasn’t fazed her. She says she knows it is true, but she is having a hard time believing in Joseph Smith? We try to explain to her, that if the BOM is true, then he was a prophet of God. Doesn’t work though. She said she wants a scripture in the Bible. My comp and I have been studying that quite a bit so hopefully we can clear all that up. If we do, I think she could be baptized this week!
Another investigator has a baptismal date for this Saturday. She doesn’t understand Spanish, she speaks some crazy dialect, but she told us one day (through her sister-in-law) that she had the desire to be baptized because of a feeling she had in her heart when we were talking to her. So I’ll have at least 1 more baptism this week, and then next week, we have another scheduled. So three, possibly 4, for my first month. Pretty good if you ask me.
I had an opportunity to finally have caffeine. It was Coke, but whatever. I still enjoyed it. haha. A member gave it to us and of course we didn’t say no. Some members also bought us Dominos Pizza. They gave us a whole pizza and shared one between like 5 of them... They said they didn’t care because they knew they would be blessed for it eventually. Lovely people. They also bought my comp shoes because one of his pairs was just destroyed. They have like no money too, but whatever. People here are too nice. It is fact. I also bought a shirt in a "Paca", which is like a thrift store. Paid 3 quetz for it. It is a picture of a frog on crutches missing a leg, and holding up a sign that says EAT MORE CHICKEN. It sounds really gay, I know, but whatever. I like it haha.
I have been doing so much service. Used a machete for the first time to cut grass. That was weird haha. Got woken up at 5:30 Saturday morning to a member ringing and pounding on our door. He wanted our help carrying this huge hutch/china cabinet for a mile, uphill... That was tiring. I got my nose burned pretty badly during all of our service Saturday. 5 hours of it. 7 miles of walking. 12 miles in total that day, which was a record. haha. I was in my service clothes for like 5 hours though. It was nice wearing jeans haha.
I decided that I’m starting to like Spanish music. I hear it everywhere. Especially Spanish rap. It is intense. I bought a little toy here that is called a Trompo. Hard to explain, so just look it up. Also bought another Soccer jersey. It is Xelaju, the Quetzaltenango team. Pretty cool. I actually played soccer with the young men last Thursday night. We walked by the church and they called us over, so we played for like 20 minutes. I dominated.... As usual haha.
We were talking with one lady the other day, she is a member. She was telling us about her smuggling stories into the US. Sad stories. She said she could make in America, in 2 days, what she can make here in 1 month.
Church was pretty good. It was Ward Conf, which is a pretty big deal here haha. Like a very big deal. Anyways, during Elders Quorum, my comp and I were pulled out to go to primary. We had to bear our testimonies on the importance of missionary work and then they asked us to sing Called to Serve, in English. They loved it.  I played the piano last night at our dinner appointment.
This morning for P-Day we went up to this huge mountain that is in another area. It is like 10000 feet about sea level. It was sweet.... Saw a little place there where they burn people every once in a while. That was weird. Haha. It was cool being that high up though.
Thought about another thing I want. Peanut butter. The creamy kind. It isn’t very common here haha.
Anyways, all is well here. Food is okay. Very weird and gross a lot, but I still eat it. I love their coffee substitute now. Don’t know if that is good or bad. haha. But yeah, the mission is good. I’m loving it. I love you all so much. Continue to be happy, and continue to email :)
Elder D.R. Bitner
 "I seek not for power, but to pull it down. I seek not for the honor of the world, but the glory of my God..." (probably not right, but I don’t care. Close enough and I like it haha.) Alma 60:39

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