Monday, October 25, 2010

Email 25 October 2010

Angelina Diego Francisco

Hello family and friends!
It is a late emailing day because I helped some person move for an hour. It is painful carrying heavy, large things rather far distances... haha. Whatever though.
So I’ll start with the biggest news of the week... I baptized my first person yesterday after church. A little 42 year-old Lamanite. It was quite difficult to accomplish. It took 5 times to get it right... Not my fault though. I said the prayer perfect every time and did what I was supposed to do. The lady, Angelina Diego Francisco, just wouldn’t go under the water all the way. She didn’t understand the form, and she doesn’t speak Spanish. When I would try to explain to her how to do it... She didn’t understand! It was soooo frustrating. She speaks some sketch dialect. She lived in America for 8 or more years too, yet she knows no English. Her 7 year-old daughter knows perfect English. It is weird... Finally, her sister came over and translated for us and it was successfully done. Took 5 times and all the patience of my ward, but now I have 2 baptisms in just about 4 week - Minus the fact that it feels like everyone in my ward is mad at me because it took so long, it was good. haha.
The other day my comp and I were hiking/walking around the big hill in our area, when it randomly started raining. We had nothing with us to keep us dry, so that was fun. We started walking back, but we passed a house that was playing Linkin Park, In The End. I won’t lie, we stopped and listened, and it felt great. I love hearing English from things other than other Elders. It is no longer just my comp and I in our district. There were some changes throughout the mission, so we actually got some elders in the other area by ours called La Viña. It is cool because one is from my group of the CCM (MTC-Guatemala) and the other is from my comps group.
I have been playing a lot of soccer finally. We have a new little 8 year-old investigator that loves to play, so we will play with him on occasion. I actually played this morning with our district and some members. It was sooooo much fun. I love soccer. I’m getting good too :) haha.
I have started to run low on money that is given to us for the rest of the month. I have 17 Quetzales left and I have two letters to send. Cutting it close! Haha. I just don’t want to dig into my personal money.
I would like you guys to send me some opera too. Maybe like Phantom and Andre Bocelli. Stuff like that. Turns out, the music rule that it is only hymns, doesn’t exist. Kind of happy about that one... Haha.
Couple funny stories from the week; The other day I honestly barely bumped into the sink, and it became not connected to the pipe so water kind of went a lot of places haha. Luckily, I was able to slide it right back on and fix it! It is such good quality. Maybe 1/75 of the one back at home haha. Also, my comp and I took in a dog! Not really but sort of. We had always liked it so we would always stop and pet it. One day, I took bread with us and we made a trail back to our house. As soon as he came in and we closed the door he started running around trying to get out, so we let him go. Whenever we see him now, he follows us around haha. It is quite funny. I named him Tank :) We found out from a member last night though that his real name is Spike. That one is gay though... Another thing, my comp and I taught primary yesterday. haha. That was interesting. Kind of like being with Josh, but it was in Spanish. Fun though!
The mission is good though. I have been studying a lot and teaching a lot. I found in 2 places in the BOM where it says the Jews killed Jesus. I will never again feel bad for saying that they did (Mormon 3:21, 7:5). Quite cool, I know.
I’m learning to always be happy and to be positive so I’m enjoying myself. I have a Conference in Xela tomorrow, so that will be fun to do! We have a member that is always giving us updates on baseball so that is cool haha. I hear it is the Giants and the Rangers in the World Series? Crazy. Go Rangers though! Just cause that is the member's favorite team. haha. Well, hope all is well back at home! I love you all and miss you all so much! Sorry if this one is shorter. Can’t really tell if it is. Peaceee
Elder Bitnerrr

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  1. Hi Elder: It was fun to read your update. You sound happy and you're doing great. That poor Sister though, 5 times? Because of Visa's not being given to American Elders and Sisters that have been called to Brasil we find ourselves also teaching now. We're the only full time missionaries in our District of Ipatinga. Brasil has been asked to get 5 missionaries ready to serve from each Stake and District in Brasil to take up the slack. That's 600+ Brasilians need to heed the call so that we have Brasil covered. Jim's enjoying teaching a 16 year old young man right now. Our call is to the Seminary and Institute though. We are the coordinators for the program and we travel alot in three different Missions. We love it here! The people are wonderful. They don't even seem to care that I murder their language. Love you David, keep up the good work. Sister Allen and Elder Allen, BRASIL