Friday, December 10, 2010

Email 7 December 2010

Hey all my lovely people back in the US and the one Guatemalan that looks at this,
I didn’t write yesterday though because I was in Xela for my Christmas party dinner thing. President made our P-day today, so that is why I’m writing today. I think my P-day will be Tuesday’s basically this whole month because I will be in Xela every Monday I think doing fun activities and such with the entire mission. Anyways, the dinner (lunch really...) was so sweet. We had it in this really nice Hotel Convention room. Way nicer than most of the hotels in the States that I have seen. It basically looked like Phantom of the Opera. We had a bunch of skits (each Zone did one). For our skit - I dressed up as King Benjamin. Don’t really want to talk about why because it was pretty gay... The food was good though. Had some nice steak-ish thing and a like tube of rice. Some veges in the purple like taco bowl. Sounds all sketchy sort of, but it was yummy. We went to a place called XelaPan after (Bread/bake shop), which is ridiculously delicious. I was in heaven. The best part of day was the mail though.... :) I got all the letters from the Bitner’s. That was a nice surprise. It was very cool to hear from all of them. I got a DearElder from Mom. I also got a random letter in Spanish from someone that signed Chris. No return address or anything. Just Chris... and it was in Spanish. I’m kind of confused on who it is from. Got a feeling it might be Mac just trying to screw with me. I also got 3 packages. The other one from the CCM. One from my Cuque. The other was from the Dickson’s. Probably the funniest, most random package I’ll ever get. It had like toilet paper in it... Shaving cream and razors. A hotwheels car. Toothpaste. A toothbrush. Shampoo. Hand Sanitizer. Of course, a bunch of little candies. It was great. There was also a book by Elder Holland, which I’m quite excited to read. The Christmas letter was also inside. That was entertaining as well haha. My package from Cuque had Dr Pepper, Diet Dr Pepper, A and W Rootbeer, and some Hot Chocolate packages. Lovely as well. Yours had all the pictures and such. I was excited for the stationary :) Not so much for the American Stamps that I can’t use haha. All is well though...
So over the past week, a lot has happened. First off, I did send the package. Should get there next week sometime I think... It cost 588 Quetzales. Hopefully you all enjoy it. Open it as soon as you get and start sending out the gifts inside. Especially to like Derek and Britt since they are heading up to Iowa I think.
My companion and I moved/changed houses. He always complains about how much money we spend/get, so he wanted something cheaper. Now we live with the lady that cooks and does our laundry for us. We pay 700 Quetz for the house. We paid 900 at the other and we had to pay for trash, water, and light separate. At the new house, we don’t pay any of that. It is a lot smaller, but whatever. It is right across from a big Christmas tree, so that is cool. They actually had a little ceremony for it the other night. They prayed for it? They also did fireworks though, so that was really cool that we got to be so close to them. We actually have some that we are going to light tonight with the Elders in La Viña and some members. Should be sweet. I’ve never done a legit one haha. Don’t worry, I’ll be safe.
It is the Day of the Devil here though. I guess it gets pretty sketchy sometimes.... They all just buy piñatas of the Devil and kill them and set them on fire and stuff. Freaking weird...
Last Thursday night, we got together with the La Viña guys and ordered Dominos Pizza. They have a deal that if it takes more than 30 minutes, it is free. It took them 50, so we got 2 pizzas and some cinnamon things for free. I enjoyed that dearly. (Note from Mom – I told him I didn’t think that was right, still have to be a MOM)
As for traditions of Christmas here in Guatemala - They basically have all the same decorations and what not. A lot even say Merry Christmas, rather Feliz Navidad. Weird... But they mainly just celebrate the 24th I think. Not so much the 25th. I guess at Midnight on the 24th, the sky is just lit with Fireworks. Like everywhere.... I’m really excited for that.
Anyways, all is well. I’m still hanging in there and enjoying myself. Take care and always be happy. I’m in the worst situation in my life really, and I’m still happy. It is remarkable. I love you all and miss you! Enjoy life!
Elder Beenair (That is how they pronounce my name here)

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