Monday, March 7, 2011

Email 7 March 2011

Alfonso Vasquez Vasquez - March 5
Hola mi familia y mis amigos :)
Hope everyone is hanging in there, as they should be... It sounds as if people are okay for the most part minus some sicknesses and broken legs. Cuidense con eso. Su salud es bien importante. Anyways, here is my week.......
All started with last Monday night on my way home to Colo. Was sitting on the bus in the terminal waiting to leave.... When a guy sat across the aisle from me with a cowboy hat and a guitar. Not a good combo for a Latino. He realized that we were both there, so he started talking to me. After a little bit of time, he handed me his guitar and came and sat by me. Yay... haha. He began telling me about how he studied English, even though all he knew was, "I speak English. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 25!" It was....cute? Not. I knew because he had a guitar I was going to hear some sort of music. However, I did not really expect him to sing specifically to me haha. He sang 3 songs for me 2 with his guitar and 1 as he was getting off the bus. All the people on the bus found it very funny.... haha. They were all laughing pretty hard. Especially the teenagers. I ended up giving him the rest of my SevenUp and just talked to him the whole time. It was kind of weird, but it is my favorite drunk story thus far, thanks to a good old local with a guitar. I had lots of experiences with drunks this week actually. Two cried because we wouldn’t go to their house with them haha. One gave Shaw money. Drunks in Guatemala are just a lot of fun.... Especially when they tell you, you are the "best of heaven".
Did some service this week.... Moved more wood than I have ever thought even possible! It was not the normal cut up wood either. It was practically full on trees. The stumps at least. Not the lightest in the world haha. When we finished though, we got some eggs from this really old woman. We were a little scared to eat that stuff...
We made pancakes for some Less Actives. Trying to be nice people! We also found some new investigators... They asked to take pictures with us and they want copies haha. They really were excited to have some whites in their house haha.
Coolest news..... Baptism went through. Alfonso Vasquez Vasquez (weird I know) was baptized the 5th of March. His baptism was up in Ical, which is a very big mountain. We hiked up it with our Zonies in 30 minutes, which was record timing... haha. It is a very tiring hike..... Especially during a fast. Rough. haha. It was a nice baptism though. A guy preparing for a mission did the baptism. Nice opportunity for him. We went back to Ical Sunday for Church.... Hiked that beast of a mountain a lot while fasting. It was like being Moses. Well.... Sort of haha. We had to go up for his confirmation. Guess who ended up doing that... Me! I was terrified, but I pulled it off. It was pretty cool overall. I enjoyed it because it was my first one :) Church in Ical is very weird compared to others.... All the members basically come to charge their phones. At least they come I guess. They all bring their dogs too. Well, they follow them... haha.
That was my week though. Pretty fun I guess. The baptism was nice... Our Zone overall doesn’t have very good "stats", so we aren’t allowed to do anything today really. Shaw and I came down last night because we heard there was going to be protesting along the way today.... Last time Shaw came down during protesting, his 1 hour ride turned into 10 hours. We didn’t want to risk it, so we rode a bus down yesterday and stayed at the Zonies. Well, I hope all is well and everyone continues to hang in there.... Love you all very much! Have an amazing week! :)
Love always,
Elder David B. :)

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