Monday, February 28, 2011

Email 28 February 2011

¡Familia y amigos!
7 months today :)
How are all of you lovely peoples? Good I hope... haha. As you can imagine, I’m experiencing a lot of new, different things in my new area. It is crazy... This week was a good one though, so no worries there :)
First off, I’ll tell you about what Shaw (my comp) and I do every Monday... We have to come to Huehue to spend our P-day with our district, so we travel what should be an hour in the morning to get here. However, today.... We got here in 35 minutes. Our driver was insane. It was awesome though... We like taking trucks in the morning to get here because it is faster. We sit or stand in the back of them as they reach a high speed of approximately 70. It is awesome.... haha. To get home, we time just right to take a bus back at 6. We sit on different seats to see who sits next to us. At 6, all the kids that were in school are riding back... Usually, Shaw has an old man sit next to him, and I have a semi-attractive Latina next to me. It is a funny game to play for us.
We had a Zone meeting this last week... There we found out that out of all our time, we only spend 6 months of the 2 years actually working. Kind of a crazy thought... With all the traveling I’m doing right now to get places, mine is even less!
In my area, we came across a sketchy wood bridge.... We crossed it. It was over a big river too. My new area is way more legit in the whole jungle/mountainous area department. High five for that haha. I actually visited a lot of my area for the first time this last week... It is freaking huge. It’s awesome....
So, the most interesting day was Saturday... The area north of us was closed and the Elders were taken out due to some "bad things", so we are now the farthest missionaries. Pretty cool :) Anyways though.... Those Elders were supposedly going to have a baptism, so our Zonies had to go up there after they left to have it. They went without clothes though, so that is when Shaw and I came into play. We had to take them baptismal clothes Saturday morning so that could have the baptism Sunday. We waited down on the road for a bus to take us to a city called Camoja, but a member from Huehue drove by and decided to drive us all the way there, which was about an hour and a half drive. Close to that at least... We got to Camoja and then found our Zonies. Instead of just giving them the clothes and going home though, we hung out there for a while. The Zone Leaders and us took a 10 minute "microbus" ride (we stood on the back bumper I might add, the whole time) to a place called the Mesilla, which is the border of Mexico. We got there and saw all kinds of things... A Hummer, which happened to be a H1 :) Drug Lords that could speak English to us and had fancy cars... Lots of Pesos.... It was crazy! At one point, I stood just three minutes from the border. I wanted to cross it so bad, but I held back and stayed in my mission "boundaries" haha. We had lunch there and went tie shopping... I bought 3 ties, two of them being Valentino :) It was great haha. Then we went back to Camoja and headed back for Colo. However, we did not by bus or car or truck....But by foot! We walked for 4 and a half hours..... 35,758 Steps...... 18.6 Miles..... It was far, and we didn’t even make it all the way to Colo. We ended up in a place called San Pedro Necta. From there we taught a family a lesson and then the dad offered to drive us back for just the price of gas, so we paid him 50 Quetz and got home around 8 o’clock. We burned 1,187 calories and 80.3 grams of fat. It was a healthy day, but because of it we could not walk the next day. Both of our legs were bad. It was worth it in our minds though... It’s not every day you get to walk 18.6 miles after all! haha.
Well, that was my week for the most part. We have a very positive investigator that has a date to get baptized this Saturday at 3 o’clock our time. That should go through, so yay :) Two things I would like to have....
Anyways, I hope all is well with everyone... I miss you and hope everything works out well for all of you! Bobby.... Be careful when you play church ball. Breaking legs should not happen in such conditions. Won’t lie though, might have been funny to watch ;) haha. Love you guys!
With much of my little, beating heart,
Elder David Bitner :)

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