Monday, February 7, 2011

Email 7 February 2011

Hello people :)
First off.... HAPPY BIRTHDAY RACHEL!!!! 25 years old... You are freaking old.
So.... Changes have come and gone. I still am in the same area.... And I’m still with the same companion.
I was on Divisions with my Zonie, this past week. They needed help finding where everyone lives and seeing I have a lot of time here, they asked for help. We basically just spent the day trying to find a new house for the Sisters. I now have Sisters in my Zone and District.... First time in the mission one sister, who is going home after this change actually, is from Tyler, Texas. Kind of random... haha. Her name is Hermana Pierce. Bobby’s family probably knows who her family is at least. Throughout the day though, we went to two houses that do not have Elders now... I found some good stuff that they left behind :) Speakers.... Candy.... Macaroni and Cheese.... Toilet Paper.... Gum.... It was like receiving mail! haha.
So something actually cool and exciting happened this week. I witnessed a drive-by! It was great. Just 3 Boom! Boom! Boom’s and a speeding away Mazda 3 being chased by a Hyundai Tucson. It was an exciting rush up my body. Never experienced something like that before. We were at the place it happened like 5 minutes before too, so kind of sketchy. Nobody was hurt though... Happy endings are nice :)
We found 2 new investigators this week. Nothing really positive though. We had an appointment with this one lady... As we were walking to her house, another lady came out of another house and came up to us and told us never to visit or talk to her sister again. Pretty rudely I might add... She happened to be the sister of the lady that we were going to visit. Weird thing is, the lady we were going to visit wanted us to come. We didn’t even know her. She just told a member to have us come because she wanted her kid to get a blessing and her church wouldn’t give him one... Actually, the experience with the sister was the second time we visited. The first time, we got to her door and talked for a few seconds, turned around and had 25 people walking up the hill towards her house. She was like, "Well that is a surprise... My Evangelical Church is coming." We got out of there fast after shaking the hands with their pastor ;)
Had another run in with a drunk this week. He was amazed I was white... He just stared at me and wouldn’t let go of my hand. His English was really good too.... He could say "Goodnight". haha.
Yesterday, I realized a lot about my mission. As I was about to put on my nametag, I just froze and stared at it. I was in complete pondering mode haha. More about that is in my letter though. Won’t put that here... A cool thing at church was that my converts, Margaritas, baby was blessed! Pretty cool to witness. She is on the right path. It is beautiful :) I also got to bless the sacrament. Pretty fun. We had a 130 members and 1 dog attending. haha. Not something you experience in the states.
Had some good Paca find this week... I found another Football jersey. This time for the Miami Dolphins! (Don’t get too excited Granddaddy haha). It is Ricky Williams. I was so happy! It was just 10 Quetz like the other one. The lady at that paca hooks me up :) I went to another Paca as well and got 2 shirts and 3 ties for 8 Quetz (1 Dollar...). One shirt says "Proud American" and has 2 eagles with a flag. The other one... Can’t really say what that one is. haha. The ties are cool though. All my style :)
Well I got mail this week. Got the 2 packages you guys sent for my birthday... I wasn’t about to wait more than a month and half to open them, so I opened them already too. Thanks for everything :) I’m enjoying all my new little supplies and such. It was a good early birthday haha. I also got a letter and a DearElder. Both were from friends, which was nice :) That was it for now though. I have another Conference February 15, so maybe that will bring more stuff into my missionary life? Who knows though. haha.
Life is good. Pretty sad about changes and all, but Ill manage... For now. I got to go to Subway today so I’m happy right now! Yay! haha. Meatball Marinara and Cheetos and Grape Soda and 3 Cookies.... It was cool. haha.
Anyways, I hope all is well! I hope Rachel is having a great birthday and that Connor gets his call soon! Praying he comes here ;) haha. I love you all and miss you all very much! Enjoy life and be happy about whatever stuff you might do.
With love that lasts forever,
Elder Bitner :)

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