Monday, February 14, 2011

Email 14 February 2011

That is Valentine’s Day here... They celebrate with a lot of sex and seductive sayings in English. Moving on....
First off, I want to start off saying how excited I am about Connor! haha. That is so exciting! I’m mainly just excited because it is Spanish Speaking :) He can join in on the fun now with Ryan and me when we all get home. It is going to be awesome. Even cooler that it is to where Bobby went! I think that is where he went at least. I’m so excited!
Anyways, about what has been going on here... I had the "Support Team" this past week. Well actually, every area in my Zone had them. Not very common. Guess our Zone sucks or something haha. I worked so hard though. It was great. I was with Elder Arteaga. He just got back to the mission. He was sent home for 5 months because he broke his leg going down some huge slide down a hill in Xela haha. That was a funny story to hear about. He and I found 10 new investigators in our day and a half together. Overall, we had 13 "news" for the whole week. Basically, we just dominated . We put 3 dates for baptisms too, but those probably won’t work out because the lady is having an affair with a married man we found out. Maybe we can baptize the kids. haha. One of the kids actually asked us if we wanted to sleep on the ground because he didn’t want us to leave. He wanted us to finish Spiderman with him... Cute kid haha. (Side note... Movies in Spanish suck). We did put a date with Mario for this Saturday actually... I’m really hoping that will work out. He is too ready for it not to, but who knows.
Throughout the week, I completed my 200th day in the mission and my comp completed his year mark. Just a few random facts haha. Same day we played soccer in a little open field with some kids. My comp almost fought with one of them haha. That was funny... I did laugh even though it was bad. We also did a good 5 hours of service... Cutting down plants that look like wheat, but not sure what they are exactly. We found a lot of weird stuff in the midst of all it. Things ranging from a spoon, to a bed, to a lawn mower. Not important though... Let’s just say I’m getting pretty good with a machete! haha.
I had an interesting shower experience again... I had the soap all over me and then the water ran out. Waited about 15 minutes for the water tank to fill up, started again, and then the power went out so it was freezing cold. Waited about 20 minutes for the guy we live with to get home and fix it... And then I was finally able to finish. It was gay. A shower has never gone so long for me I don’t think...
A few funny stories... Found out Elders from the other Zone have been teaching a lady in our area and taking her to church and everything haha. Guess they didn’t/don’t know the area boundaries. We could be getting about 3 baptisms out of that, which is pretty cool. The other morning when we were walking around, we watched a man in orange underwear (speedo style) run out of a house. Turns out he was crazy because a van pulled up about the same time and the guy got out and chased after him. That was really awkward but funny to watch. haha. The other night we had a cool experience with dogs. They were down the street from us barking their little annoying heads off. As we got closer they ran down this other street, but kept watching and barking at us. We pretended to run past the street they were down to make them think we were scared and then stood around the corner. Sure enough, they came bolting down the street after us. My comp was standing there twirling his belt in the air. When they turned the corner and saw him, they started yelping and ran back. We both just started laughing so hard. I thought it was like the funniest thing ever haha. My sense of humor is suffering being here as you can see...
I have been having trouble with my camera lately just to let you know. The lense has decided to be gay and not come out or go in sometimes. Might need a new one eventually, so prepare for that... I also might benefit from getting a new retainer. Mine is getting kind of gross. I don’t know if Hunter still has what my mouth is like. If not, I might have to go to an orthodontist here... Oh, I have decided the Old Testament is very boring. I’m getting sick of reading about sacrifices and the Tabernacle, but Ill push through it because I want to read it at least one time through in my life.
Spiritual thought from a talk I read this week by Elder Bednar (a lot of people here think are names are the same...). He said, "These four words-"Receive the Holy Ghost"- are not a passive pronouncement; rather, they constitute a priesthood injunction- an authoritative admonition to act and not simply to be acted upon." Something cool someone might benefit from. I just like the wording haha. But yeah, that was my week! I love you guys and miss you all very much! Hope this week is great for each of you. Be happy and enjoy life :) haha. Oh, and thanks for the 100 percent cashmere sweater. I officially feel like I am in a boy band. Yay.
Love always,
Elder D. Bitner

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