Monday, January 31, 2011

Email 31 January 2011

Note from Mom – Bump day pictures – tie burning (oh my!!!! – what a waste) and his two scoop icecream celebration cone – (the Frutada sign is the fruit drink he has been living on while in Guatemala)

To all the lovely people that care about me....
Bump day! My first one.. Craziness. I am officially done with a quarter of my mission... Can you believe it? I can’t haha. For the day... I burned a Tommy Hilfiger tie :) That was a pretty cool thing to do! And... I bought my comp and me ice cream! Yummy... haha. I can’t believe it has gone by so fast, but I’m very happy I chose to go on a mission. Nothing but goodness happens here. I learn so much and experience so much. It is amazing...
How is everyone? Everything is good here. Some have asked if I got changed or not. Changes aren’t until Wednesday... So I don’t even know. I’m hoping to stay in my area for one more change because I know I can get the members to work. They all love me. haha. But yeah, I’ll find out about changes tomorrow night... So you guys won’t know until next week. I’m pretty sure a new comp is certain, so hallelujah for that! haha.
So this past week was one of the more random and fun ones. We found out late last P-day that we were going to go camping with President... We left Tuesday afternoon for Xela. Stayed in a hotel Tuesday night... Then went to some Ranch/Country Club Wednesday morning until Thursday afternoon for our "campout". It was all of Huehue (40 Elders) and Toto (20). The whole thing was based around leadership. We were split into teams. I was put on "Compañia Ammon". All we did was have conferences and play games. It was pretty fun to be honest. I enjoyed it dearly :) We had a total of 4 Conferences with President and 1 with the assistants. All were focused primarily on how to be successful and how to lead. Each game had a purpose of showing a different leadership technique. It was kind of cheesy, but still all good and fun. The restaurant at the place fed us our meals. For Dinner Wednesday though... We ate their food and then President ordered Pizza Hut for everyone and we had cake. haha. Let’s just say... President is freaking awesome haha. I got my hand on about 6 pizzas with 2 friends. I almost vomited a few times... No biggie. We slept outside underneath little canopies on the ground. Xela is pretty cold.... So I cuddled up with 2 other guys. One of the gayer moments in my life... But pretty sure it was necessary haha. I finally had an interview. It was pretty fun to talk with President. I like him a lot... I also helped his wife with a cooking class she did. I felt like I was working at the Bosch Store again haha, so that was kind of cool for me. Brought back some good memories. There was one other thing that happened... But I’m not going to share that here. Kind of gross and not something everyone should read about haha. The whole thing was a very good time though. I loved it dearly and learned so much. It helped me a lot :)
After the campout we had a little success. Found 2 new investigators. One is this man.. His name is Filigoño. He told us he would meet us at the church the next day so we could teach him... That usually never works out, but it did this time! He showed up and we taught him a short lesson. He has some problems. He just always looks sad :( I don’t know what it is with him. Something I’m hoping to find out! I found 5 Quetzales right before he showed up too, so that was even cooler! haha.
Well, the main reason I don’t want to leave yet is one family here that have grown to be my best friends. The little boys made videos for me in case I leave on my camera. They said to always remember I have a family in Huehue as well as the one back home. I almost cried.... Almost haha. I love this family so much. They are the coolest people ever... They are actually going to Sams Club Thursday in Mexico and said they would bring me some Dr Pepper back if I’m still here. haha. Pretty cool huh?
Anyways... A few little things. I finally gave a flashlight to my Mission Leader for his birthday. He was quite happy about that... haha. Said it would be a good thing to have when he works for the FBI. I realized in church that the member’s feet don’t touch the ground when they are sitting down. Some do and some don’t to be more correct... That made me laugh though haha. I cut my comps hair this morning. Well mainly the back part by his neck, but I still did it and it doesn’t even look that bad. haha.
Anyways, don’t have a lot of time today. Things are good though. I’m happy. I love you all and miss you all! Hope everything is going well for all of you! Anyways, be happy! Have a good week all!
Love always,Elder D.R. Bitner :)

Note from Letter received today - I would love nothing more than a successful and ever so joyful life in the Gospel. As Dad once wrote me…”As hard as life is, as we follow the Gospel, it just keeps getting better.” That will forever be in my mind. Thank you for that. As for Mom, you always tell me to “learn to love everyone.” That is exactly what I have been doing, and people realize it now. They see how much I care and it’s a lovely feeling. Thank you for that. Grandaddy once told me something too in fact. He said, “If something is worth doing, then it’s worth doing right.” Anything successful I have since that (especially here in the mission) is thanks to that advice. Tell him thank you for that…

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