Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Email 10 January 2011

Hello my family, friends, random people that may come across this :),
How is everybody? I don’t know if you guys knew.... But I’m in Guatemala. Weird huh?!? haha. Things are going well here. My life with my companion has definitely gotten better. We actually get along for the most part. We are almost always talking to each other (the Spanish really is coming along now). Occasionally he gets really mad at night and won’t talk to me, but whatever. Anyways, about the mission!
This past Tuesday, we did out little District/Zone meeting thing a little different. We all went an hour earlier, and we had a "Zone Study" instead of Companionship Study. That was a nice change because I feel like I actually learned stuff. When I have Comp Study with Solorzano, it usually just turns into him going off on random subject and not shutting up. So, as you could imagine, I really enjoyed having it all together. We also ate breakfast all together. One Elder was in the Kitchen the whole time making French toast. It was soooo yummy (Yours is still way better mom :) . It was a fun day.
Moving on... I made church invitations for our ward the other day. We have been passing those out to people we contact and meet. So far they haven’t made us any progress with people, but maybe it will eventually!
So I don’t know if you guys remember my first convert... Little Josue (8years old). He and his mom got kicked out of their house. They now live in the moms Tortillaria, which is the size of maybe moms and dads closet. Sad situation... It is made of tin panels. There are gaps between the roof and the walls, so all of the cold enters without problems. Concrete floors, stained sheets with holes dividing the Tortilla part from the living part. It is just very sad to see. I can’t really describe how sad I was about the whole thing when I saw it.
We had our first ward activity in the almost 4 months I have been here. That was interesting. The bishop talked about the temple for close to 10 minutes, and then it was over.
We got one lady to come to church, that Thatcher and I could never get to go. She lives about 40 minutes away from the church (walking distance...). You have to climb up one mountain and then down another to get to her house. Such a far walk. We were up there the other day... We watched her kid scoop himself a small bowl of "rice mush" stuff. He set it on the bed. Then knelt down and blessed it. I almost cried when I witnessed that. They live in such a crappy situation. The mom never has money, so they hardly eat. They told us they always have snakes and stuff in their "house", which is a cinder block, one room. They live in very poor situations here.
I found out what my comp likes about me/what he has learned from me. He shared it with an inactive. He said that I have taught him "to give the best". Not going to go into detail on how, but I felt really good after he said that.
This will make some people laugh probably. Sunday morning, we got a call from the first counselor. He told us we were both giving talks........ I quickly pulled a talk out that I had written in the CCM. So, I read that and then described Section 4 of Doctrine and Covenants - off the top of my head. I was so nervous. My Spanish was not ready for that haha. Luckily I did okay... I got them to laugh a couple times, so it was successful in my eyes. Maybe not theirs so much. Oh well. Had a run in with a drunk the same day. He gave me an angel :) haha. He reached in the sky and caught one. Then he pretended to be the angel and then he folded it up or something and handed it to me. I just laughed. haha. They are fun to visit with, even though they won’t let you leave them easily.
Well that was basically my week in a nutshell. Found two new investigators. Nothing too amazing. People aren’t as interested now it seems. Not sure what to do. Just keep working I guess. A couple random things. I bought a Michael Vick Falcons jersey from a "paca". 10 Quetz, which is a $1.25 for a legit NFL brand jersey. Not bad haha. Well, thanks for everything guys. I miss you all so much and love you all even more! :) Don’t worry about me. I’m doing good, and I’m happy! Just continue on and be happy as well! CTR and enjoy the real way to live....
Elder Davìdito Bitnero

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