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Email 21 December 2010

Margarita Mercedes Mendóza Palacios
Merry Christmas familia y amigos!
Things are still well here in the mission of course... Quite a few really fun/cool things took place over this last week. Enjoy...
So first thing first. My baptism went through :) Margarita Mercedes Mendóza Palacios was baptized the 19th of December (one month after the last one exactly). Her brother-in-law was supposed to do it, but I guess on Saturday he got sick and told them he wasn’t going to be able to do it. Because of that, she asked me to do it because she really wanted to just get baptized instead of wait till the next week. I baptized my third person out 4 total baptisms. People really like me here haha. It is probably just because half the things I say are just funny, not very formal and such. The baptism was great. It was right after church, so like 20+ members were there. It was very humbling to everyone. They all told me it was the best one yet. I agreed.... For example, the water was very cold (very very cold... I was freezing).
Moving on... So last week I was sick for a couple days more. Lots of "boo" haha. Not a fun thing to experience 10 times a day. I got through it though.
We had 3 people of the support team with us last week again. One of them was my good friend though, so that was cool. We were put together until Friday afternoon, so that was a lot of for me. At one point though, I was teaching a lesson with a Latino one. During the lesson, the house behind our investigators house caught on fire. It was intense. It just kept getting bigger and bigger. After we finished, we hurried up there to see if they wanted/needed our help. We then proceeded to be firefighters and helped the Latinos put out a Forest/brush fire. Not with water though... We used pine tree branches, which doesn’t really make sense, but it actually worked. Very well in fact! It was just really hot... haha. I actually slid down a like 20 foot hillside on my butt to get to the bottom to put out the main part of it. Freaking intense. Never experienced anything quite like that. Probably broke some rules putting my life in danger like that, but now the people of that hillside have a greater appreciation for the "Mormons".
I did finally buy soccer shoes. Some nice little Nikes from the "totalninety" line. They are freaking legit. I used them in our soccer tourney yesterday, which my Zone placed 4th in out of like 10ish Zones. We should have been 1st or 2nd, but we got messed up in the Semifinals. The other had a kid hit the ball in with his fist... He tried to admit it, but the ref still called it a goal. Oh well though. We played on the practice field of Xelaju, the soccer team in Quetzaltenango, so that was really cool.
The other night I was almost eaten by a dog. He belongs to a member... We were entering her "house" and the little jerk came running at me, gnarling his teeth (don’t remember if gnarling is a word..forgive me). I stuck my boot out to block his mouth from getting to me. He did catch my boot once, but I was wearing the steel toes, so it only hurt him haha. Dogs are freaking sketchy here...
My bishop gave me a bag of grapes the other day. Those were really good. Another member gave me a box of Christmas "cookies". People give me a lot of things... I found Flaming Hot Cheetos in a couple little stores here. They definitely aren’t the same, but they are good. I was so excited. They are only a little tiny bag though, for 50 cents. Whatever... I’m in Guatemala.
In case anyone was wondering, according to my journal, I am on Day 147 today. Kind of crazy to think I’ve been away from all of you that long. It has gone by ridiculously fast. Kind of weird to think about how fast actually...
Oh! Last night, when we returned from Xela, there was no power. I wrote in my journal and finished my letter under candlelight and by holding a flash light with my mouth. I went to bed at 8:30 though. Got 10 hours of sleep. Pretty nice haha.
Anyways, all is well. It is Christmas week...  There are changes tomorrow. We find out tonight if we are going somewhere or not. I’ll probably call you guys Christmas Eve just to tell you when I’ll be calling Christmas day because of that. Anyways, I hope you all have a great Christmas! I love you all and miss you all! I’ll be thinking about you guys a lot this week I’m sure. Maybe the hardest few days of my mission this week. I can do hard things though :) Be happy and enjoy life!

Elder David Rowe Bitner :)

Soccer Uniform
Reading by Flashlight
Soccer Game

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