Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Email 17 January 2011

To Whom It May Concern:
So today was a weird day. I’m sending this so late because I just got back from Xela. President wanted me down there in the morning to start training to be the next assistant after this change. Crazy stuff down there.... Just kidding :) haha. Had to go to Xela because my companion had an appointment with his eyes. An ophthalmologist in fact! That relates to you Derek haha. They even make a lot of money down here. I spent the day in Xela though. After a nice bus ride with some sketchy Latino sleeping on my shoulder I got there. Waited for a while. Went to my companion’s appointment. He is getting glasses that are worth 2625 Quetzales, courtesy of the Mission President in Nicaragua. I got to go to McDonalds though which was cool. Watched the first half of the Bulls and Grizzlies game. Saw a couple highlights of the Suns too, so it was cool. And, I saw some "Gringas"! Always nice... However, I’m now back here in Huehue and emailing.
First things first, I had my conference last Tuesday. President basically just said we all suck and need to repent. It was intense to be quite honest. I did get mail out of it so it was all good. I got 2 packages and Christmas cards from Grandaddy and Grandma, John Wood, and the Christensen’s. I also got a DearElder of course from the parentals. The 2 packages were neat. Both from friends. One had a tie, a picture, a necklace, "Hugs", Peanut Butter, and a Tide to GO Pen. Very nice package. The other had the 2011 Church Almanac and the Called to Serve CD by MoTab. Both very neat additions to my missionary collection. Found out that we are having another Conference this Thursday and I saw a lot of "Pouch" in the Mission Office today, so I should probably get more. The Conference this week is special though. The Bishop, Bishop Burton, of the Presiding Bishopric of the Church is coming. Should be pretty cool :) I’m excited to see if he can speak Spanish haha.
Throughout the week it has been pretty good weather. Clouds came back and it rained throughout the nights. I loved it... The sun burns me as strange as that may seem to some.
We had help from our District Leader and a few other Elders one morning this week. They came to our area and we went contacting trying to find people to teach. I got to go with a Gringo from LA, so that was really cool. I actually did a lot of the Spanish speaking part with him, which doesn’t happen when I’m with my Latino Comp haha. One day actually, my companion and I went up to our "Mountain". We actually found a new investigator. She is positive and everything, so it is nice :) She gave us free "Fresa Cola", which is the knock off Coca-Cola, after the lesson. Pretty fun actually :)
We got a couple of weird phone calls this week. One saying that my companion and I might be going to Momos, which is the sketchiest area of our mission, (That didn’t happen though), and the other is a little more complex... I explained it in the letter I wrote, so I won’t say much here for the benefit of the Elder involved.
But yeah, things are pretty good. We are happy and living and teaching and loving. haha. The mission really is a blessing. Nothing but learning here, and I love it. I have learned so much as I approach the 6 month mark, and I yet have much more to learn! Thank goodness... Otherwise, I would be very bored. haha. I love you and miss all very much! Tell your family, friends...whomever really, that I say hi :) haha. Peace out my fellow beings...
Con cariño,
Elder Davíd Rowe B.

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