Friday, January 7, 2011

Email 27 December 2010

Hello wonderful family and friends!
Things are still good since the last time I talked to you, which was Saturday! I’m not going to lie... I really enjoyed that. I miss you all so much, but I know I am here for a purpose. My parents and siblings... You guys are the most important people in my life. You all have always tried to help me and just have always loved me. I thank you for that. You guys are the best. I’ll be able to spend more time with you in 19 months, so hang in there ;) haha. I love you so much Mom, Dad, Becky, Derek, and Rachel. Any of course my grandparents and everyone else. I’m so grateful for the family life I have had. I lucked out big time!
Anyways, I have basically told you everything already, but I’ll tell you guys again haha.
So, changes have come and gone. Nothing new for me. The good thing about this companion is that I practically know Spanish now. I have a long ways to go, but I’m definitely progressing! :)
The lady we live with has been really nice to us over the past Christmas week. A lot of mornings they would come knocking at our door asking if we wanted to eat breakfast with them. We would participate in a nice family gathering. She makes everything better for us for the most part.
Speaking of President... We are going to be having a day with him tomorrow supposedly. He is coming up to Huehue. Taking all of us to Mirador, which is the really huge mountain here. I think it is 10000 feet or something like that. Then he is taking us to one of his favorite restaurants and then after that, we are going to have interviews and play soccer. I’m really excited. It should be a really fun day actually! If he actually comes. He has told us he is going to come to interviews like 3 times. He hasn’t ever actually come, so we are all still skeptical. I have a good feeling sort of that he is coming though, so I’m happy.
Well sorry this one is a little shorter... Maybe it isn’t, I don’t know. I do want a couple of things... The two Book of Mormons in English that Granddaddy and Grandma gave me. They are in my room I think... Not too sure though. I want one and I have a fellow Elder that wants one. We just want to study the way it is marked. I brought one, but I gave it to my Latino companion so he could have one in English to try and help him learn some stuff. La Viña Elders came over and we ordered Dominos again and played "Monopolio". I think that it is what it is called. Christmas Eve and Christmas were actually really good. I didn’t get too homesick. I enjoyed myself as much as the mission allows me. The fireworks Midnight on Christmas Eve (technically Christmas Day...) were the coolest things I have ever seen. The sky was legitimately filled with fireworks. Everywhere you looked, there was a firework. It went for miles too. It was remarkable I thought, since I come from a state that until recently didn’t even sell fireworks. I enjoyed the package I got too. The sheet music was great. Lemonheads.... Always legit and good. You guys did good. Hopefully I’ll get the other ones tomorrow maybe. Thanks for thinking about me everyone! I miss you all and love you all very much! Remember to always be happy! A new quote I made up this morning in the sketchy shower that occasionally shocks me... "If it isn’t the funniest, make it the funniest". BE HAPPY always! Doesn’t matter when, where, or why. Just do it. Love the coolest elder in Guate,
Elder David Bitner!

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