Friday, January 7, 2011

Email 3 January 2011

Hello my oh so wonderful family and friends :)
The mission is still good. That isn’t a surprise though haha. A few issues still, but a lot of nice changes as well.
The day with the President actually went through! That was cool. We did everything he said we would. We went to Mirador early in the morning. Oh, and we got to wear "normal" clothes the whole day haha. That was really weird feeling. Felt not like a missionary. We then went and ate at Casa Brava, which is the nicest Steak house in our entire mission probably. We got to have little steaks. That was cool :) After we finished eating though, President came up to Elder Shaw and me and asked us if we were full. We told him not really, and then he said, "Yeah, I’m not either. We’re going to order Pizza when we get to the church." President is a funny guy, that doesn’t really care about money haha. He spent so much money at the steak place, and then he spent more at Dominos. I really believe he is the richest person in Central America now. He is blowing money right and left. At the church we had a short little conference, interviews, and we played soccer and basketball. Sadly, not everyone got interviewed. I was one that didn’t get to. Anyways, I did get some pouch that day. Got the DearElder package finally, so you don’t have to worry about that anymore. I also got the letter from that girl that asked how to send it. And I got a really old DearElder from like Thanksgiving. That was all. Nothing more thus far. haha. I also found out that day, that two of my friends are training. That was funny. One of them is District Leader too.
New Years Eve was really good though. We actually worked pretty hard throughout the morning and the afternoon. We had to be in the house no later than 6 though because it gets pretty dangerous... We had our dinner appointment really early because of that. The lady that fed gave us presents. 2 of the smallest pairs of socks I have ever seen haha. I’m wearing one right now actually. The circulation to my feet is definitely being cut off... They also gave us a very big can of fruit? Random, but I’m sure I will enjoy it when I eat it. haha. Nice people. From 6 on, we just hung out in the house. My companion played with some fireworks. I wrote some letters and studied a little bit. It was fun though. I read close to 2000 pages of "spiritual literature" before the New Year, in my first 5 months. That is a lot for me... hahaha. There were a lot more fireworks than on Christmas Eve I think. It was insane. I loved it of course. It was my comps birthday on the first (Saturday), so as soon as it hit midnight, he went kind of crazy haha. I’m pretty sure everyone in our area knew it was his birthday. Every time we talked to someone, he would ask them for a gift.
The other day, I was walking through "Centro". I passed by this young couple with their kid. The kid looked at me and then yelled, "Daddy! Gringo! Gringo, Daddy!" I walked by the little kid, looked at him and then said kind of loudly, "Gringo? How cool!!!" haha. The parents just laughed. I like being the only gringo in the midst of thousands of Latinos. Especially since I have not met one that is taller than me.
I had a couple interesting food experiences. I had shrimp soup on the First... That was surprisingly good. It was just Top Ramen with shrimp and hot sauce. I liked it however strange that may seem to my family haha. Last night, for dinner... I don’t even know what it was. It was like these circle pieces of some type of meat with like a hardboiled egg in the middle. I’m still confused on what it tasted like, or how exactly I managed to get down my throat haha. At dinner though, two kids (this is like my favorite family in my area. They love me and I love them) gave me a bag of fireworks and sucker that there mom specifically bought for them. They snuck it to me because they didn’t want her to see. I’m going to give them quite a bit of stuff. My nerf gun being one of the things haha.
I’ve decided that I need some more stuff if you haven’t sent the package yet. I want a couple pairs of basketball shorts if possible. Cool colors though... Rachel can help with that. Just solid colors though. Don’t want stripes. Also, I really want toys. I see a lot of people here with like nothing, so I want to give something to the kids. I actually am going to give away my nerf gun soon, as I mentioned earlier. I want another one of those because I like it a lot... haha.
My church is at 10 now. So if it is at 9 for you guys now, we have church the same three hours! Cool stuff haha. I’m learning to love my comp, no matter how hard it is. I just have to be his friend. Can’t push him too hard. These two changes will probably be my least productive ones ever. That is okay though. I’ll make up for it in the long run I hope. But yeah, things are good. I’m happy. I’m safe. I’m healthy. What more could I ask for? Nothing. Well, I love you all so very much! I appreciate all that you guys do for me. Be happy always and remember to read the scriptures ;) haha. Especially you Becky. Peace out Cardinalitos.
Love more than anything or anyone else,
Elder Davíd Rowe Bitnér :)

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