Monday, December 5, 2011

Email 5 December 2011

Legit dog of one of our investigators
Hey there,
First off, Happy Birthday to Becky this week :) Hopefully you enjoy being 31! It is weird how much older than me you are... Anyways, hope everything else is going well back there. This week has been pretty good though. Lots of fun stuff. Well kind of haha.
It was a really good week though. We moved one of our investigators (Patricia) and her daughter in with a member. We actually taught her a little lesson yesterday after helping her carry some things to her house. Also helped the lady she moved in with paint her bathroom.
On Saturday we had a lunch appointment get cancelled on us... Our Bishop stood up to the plate and let us eat with him. His wife gave us a vegetable soup that had like rice, meat, and veges obviously. The Bishop called though and found out that was what we were eating and said it wasn’t good enough haha. So...he stopped by McDonalds on his way home and got us each a Big Mac meal. As we waited for him to get to the house, his wife gave us a bowl of chocolate ice cream. It was a really legit lunch though.... The Bishop's name is Elvis... haha. makes him even more cool. I love the guy.
I met a lady from Derek's mission. She is from Mission, TX. She was here visiting family. She actually knew the missionaries that died. She began to cry telling us about them... It was pretty sad to be honest. I didn’t get her name, but she did say Bitner sounded strangely familiar. I doubt he knows her though, or that she knows him. It was cool to talk with her though. Especially since she knew a tiny bit of English.
So we were teaching the Joseph Smith vision to a guy Saturday with Smack That by Akon in the background. It was pretty funny. I sure couldn’t focus haha. "Smack that all on the floor... Smack that give me some more..." haha. Oh the mission......
I did see the Christmas Devotional last night. That was pretty cool to see since last year I didn’t get to.
So I realized something... My first night in the mission when I stayed in the hotel, a couple Elders in the office came and got Elder Bergeson and I out of the hotel and took us to an activity of theirs. Turns out I’m in that same area. The church and that street is the same one... It was weird man that I can picture myself there for what seems like forever ago haha. Just a little random thing. I was in my area that I’m in now over a year ago...
Anyways, life is good... I’m enjoying myself and success looks likely, so I’m pretty excited. I hope all goes well for you guys. Have great weeks :) I love you all so very much. Take care.
Elder Bitner
Painting bathroom

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