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Email 25 December 2011

Note from Mom – Posted two weeks (running behind in my life) and David took pictures of his 12 days of Christmas and even though he was nine days behind when he finally got his box (which we mailed at the 1st of November) he changed his tie for each picture for me.

Beautiful Peoples,
A late Merry Christmas to everyone! Hope it was a good one for all of you... I heard about some of it yesterday in the phone call. It was really nice to hear everyone's voices and enjoy what company I could of each of you. Just one more phone with you guys before this whole shin-dig ends. We'll see how fast it comes...
Christmas was great on my end. The entire week was fun actually!
Thursday we had our big "Mission Conference" (should just be called "Mission Party", but no...). It was awesome just to be with everyone... With Pte. Bautista we don’t get together as an entire mission ever, so it was quite the event. I got to see all my little buddies. Shaw being the most important in that regard... Love the kid.
We just had a little fireside type thing to start us off. Pte and his wife talked, along with a new Senior couple here. It was pretty cool.
For lunch we had lasagna (I think that is how you spell it) and Frutadas :), which is my favorite drink from Huehue if you remember. I did get the package as I mentioned yesterday. It was really nice of you all. I enjoyed every little bit and so did my comp, so thank you very much.
Saturday was a lot of fun too because we spent the entire day as a Zone basically. We played basketball...Made mashed potatoes. Bought fried chicken. Drank chocolate milk. At night time I watched all the fireworks... So legit.
So amazing. One thing I definitely will miss about Guate. Christmas great. Ate a ton of Guatemalan food too to celebrate.
Visited with members a little. It was a great little night. I was really tired for church though.
The week was really good. A lady even tried to make me some fettuccini alfredo, but with ham. It was actually really good. I told her it was my favorite, so she gave a try at making it. Nice family and lady haha.
Anyways, hope all is well. I miss you all sooo much! Glad Christmas was good... Now let's just hope the New Year is good :) Take care and enjoy yourselves. You are the best. Thanks for everything! Love you guys.
Elder Bitner!

Elder Callejas

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