Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Email 2 January 2012

How are things going? I’m doing good... The week of changes. I’m staying here as expected, and my companion is leaving as expected. Things worked out like we thought they would. Cool huh? haha. About the first time that has happened in my entire mission. I enjoyed having Elder Callejas. We'll have to see who the new companion is now.
Anyways, it is officially 2012! Happy New Year to everyone :) It is weird to think I’m officially in the last year of my mission. The mission is going to change a lot this year because so many people go home in the coming months. Tons of new people will be coming in. It is going to be a crazy time in the mission... For New Years though, we just watched fireworks as normal. There were tons yet again. I love it so much... It is going to be so different to celebrate it in the states. Not excited haha. Passed with a lot of members too. We ate our heads off that day... and Sunday in fact. I was so full all the time. I didn’t touch any food at our house. It was ridiculous. If I gain any amount of weight on my mission it will be here...
This past week I made Pupusas, which is a food from El Salvador. They are just tortillas filled with cheese and beans... We had ours covered in some type of salad thingy. They were delicious. If I can find the ingredients I will be able to make them for you guys when I get home. I actually learned how to do something! Cool, right? haha. We made them with the Sister missionaries in the ward next to us. We did them twice... Once with members and once with some investigators. It was really fun and delicious. I was just surprised that I was actually able to do them.
We had interviews with Pte. Bautista this week. Mine went fine... Just kind of normal. Talked about my area and the people we were teaching. They only last 10 minutes, so not much is ever said really. That is when we found out for sure my companion had changes though. He leaves tomorrow for an area in Quiche.
I don’t have much else to say... The week was spent having my companion say bye to everyone in the area, so not much happened in reality. We are getting really close with this lady named Patricia. Wants to get baptized, but wants to learn more because a "baptism is a lifetime decision".
Well, take care! Hope the celebration of the New Year was great for everyone. I love you all and miss you too! Make 2012 a good one. Until next week.
Elder db

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