Monday, January 30, 2012

Email 30 January 2012

Franklin Denilson Yancor Ixcot
Well hello there,
Another week down, some 24ish more to go... Weird to think about right? You’ll only get about 24 more of these emails and then it is over! This week was a major one as time in the mission goes. I hit the 75 percent mark of my mission on Saturday. Leaving me with only 1/4 of my mission ahead of me. Crazy isn’t it? It doesn’t even feel like I have actually been gone that long. On Saturday I had a little "party". We just made Chili-Cheese-Dogs and talked... haha. I did burn a pair of pants, so yay to that! It was just fun to realize my 18 months with a celebratory thing like burning pants haha. My next big mark in the mission is when I come home now. Looks like you guys are preparing my room already with new bedding. Keep it up!
On Thursday we had a big conference. Elder Falabela came (he is President of the Central America Area for those that don’t know). It was a good little meeting. By little, I mean 8 hours... Oh my I was dying just sitting there. Wanted to fall asleep so bad, but it's not every day a general authority comes to talk. He just talked to us about our goals as a mission...the things we need to do to meet them and be successful. Said a lot of really good things. They even gave us some good lasagna for lunch. It was great... haha. The best part though was the last prayer of it all. Bergeson (my old comp in Colo) gave it... For the past few weeks he has been tripping about it. Always saying, "Why did they choose me over everyone else? It isn’t fair!" He actually said basically everything in Spanish right, but then when he was thanking for the presence of Elder Falabela, he called him "Elder Fabiola" and then was like, "I mean Elder Falabela" (yes he said "I mean" in English too). Everyone there just started dying... haha. It really wasn’t even that big of a deal but the way he said it...and all that... It was just hilarious. Poor kid was embarrassed, but at least he too knew it was too funny to deny.
Investigators continue to progress for the most part. We had a FHE with this guy and his family on Thursday with a member family. Went really well. People are actually starting to come through on their plans to help us! Weird thing is, the dad of the family was actually baptized like 23 years ago in Colotenango. He knows all the people I know! It was fun to talk to him about that... He isn’t married to his wife though, so that complicates things on that end... They even have 4 baptism aged kids. Patricia and Amy are closer than ever. They came to church yesterday for the 4th Sunday in a row. If they get baptized it should be in the next couple weeks. Really hoping it works out... She has started to actually ask questions and what not, so she is basically there in my point of view.
Anyways, yesterday at companion and I both gave talks. I was the last one to speak... Talked about Joseph Smith and how that was the message the entire church has to share because it is the message that makes our church true. I balled like a little girl. It was very embarrassing. I told myself I wasn’t going to cry...but then when I tried to talk about how I knew it was true because I have been to the Sacred Grove, I lost it. It just got really silent and was weird. A little 10 year-old kid ran to the bathroom and then brought me toilet paper to wipe my eyes. Oh my it was a sad moment. I’m really weak when it comes to talking about that man...
After church we had a baptism...sort of that is. A family was baptized like 5 months ago now, but the youngest just turned 8 this past after church we had his baptism. We originally had a member doing it, but he ended up not being able to do it. So, the little kid picked me instead. It was an honor. I baptized little Franklin Denilson Yancor Ixcot yesterday. Definitely something I was not expecting to do... It was fun though. Really cute kid.
That has been my week for the most part though. Real Madrid and Barcelona played this past week...and that is a huge deal in the Latin countries. Sadly Real Madrid (my team) only tied them though... I got over it. I just think it is funny how seriously people take it here. I wish the states loved soccer so much haha.
Anyways, hope all is well. I love you guys and miss you. Take care and have an amazing week :)
Elder Bitner

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