Monday, January 23, 2012

Email 23 January 2012

Whets happening peeps? Everything is happening the same for me... Basically nothing ever changes really, but there always something to write about it somehow. Hopefully you guys have enjoyed your week though. Grandaddy's 75th birthday and all...I’m sure made it pretty fun. If you guys did anything for it at least.
So the package has finally been sent. I sent it on Thursday... 460 Quetz. Cheaper than the first one believe it or not haha. I thought I was going to be dropping at least 600 Quetz on the little box. Luckily I saved some money though :) If mine and the Post Office's calculations are correct...You should get it around Feb 2 (better said sometime next week). Hopefully it all gets there alright. I almost forgot to put my camera memory cards in there, but I managed to sneak them in while we dropped it off at the post office. I really hope those are still in there...
I remember telling you guys we were going to have a big FHE activity with our Bishop and the Sister missionaries. We did have one... All 16 people actually showed up too, so it was somewhat insane to be honest. A member that was there gave the message about families. Then we were put in charge of the games as planned... That was bad on our part haha. Really boring games, but everyone enjoyed them so whatever. Pupusas were made too. They all made me eat a ton. Everyone in this country thinks I eat really little too. Guess that is going to follow me wherever I go. It was a fun night though... I like being with Guatemalan members.
This past week has been another very cold one. Ridiculously cold right now in fact! It has made me somewhat sick... Runny nose for the past 5 days. Hate it. It worked out a little well though because at least I have the cough drops you sent me. They are helping me... The fact I played soccer Saturday night with some of the youth didn’t help my case though because it was really cold that night too. Took a shot from the ball right into my face too. My nose did not benefit from that in anyway. I’m hanging in there though. Not dead at least, so life is pretty good I guess you could say.
Coolest part of the week... Saturday around midday, there was an EARTHQUAKE! haha. My companion came around the corner and was like, "Do you feel shaking?" As soon as he said it, it picked up and shook harder. According to all the members it was actually a stronger one than most. It even supposedly knocked down a house close by. Still not sure if that is actually true though. I really enjoyed it even though it scared most. I could feel my chair sliding back and forth on the ground without any force on my part. It was crazy... I’m positive that doesn’t help the fact here that the world is going to "end" this year. Mayans take that a little too seriously in these parts of the woods... But yeah, I felt an earthquake and I wasn’t scared! Maybe a little..but I liked it more than it scared me.
Sunday was another good day of church for the most part. No investigators were there at first...but then again Patricia and her daughter showed up for classes. 3 weeks in a row now! So cool. She definitely is going to make the decision soon I assume. After church we had more than a two hour Ward Council. It was a good little meeting in end.
That has basically been my week. I almost ate cow stomach this week, but luckily they knew the gringo wouldn’t like it so they gave us other food haha. Lucked out there... I hope all continues to go well for you guys though. Have another good week and be happy!
Elder Bitner

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