Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Email 16 January 2012

Elder Bitner & Elder Celis
Hey there family :) and friends...
Things have been going good as usual. I must say that this week was pretty boring for the most part, but I guess that is how it is sometimes. Not too much has happened, but that won’t stop me from writing haha.
I got another hair cut this week. One of those member haircuts... I again thought it turned out well.
Yet again I have gotten annoyed with being a white person in this country. I just try to walk through the streets in peace, but everyone has to make note that a "gringo" is walking by. From there everyone begins to shout the stupidest English phrases, the most common being, "What time is it?" They say all sorts of things... It can be 9 o'clock at night and they will say "Good Morning!" They say "thank you" to everything...Doesn’t matter if you actually help them or not... I just walk by without doing anything and they yell that out their window or door and then hide very fast. So why am I’m telling you all this is so you can tell all the Latin’s you see in the states the same things... If you see them in the morning, say "buenas noches" and then run away and hide. I think that will help me feel better about the whole thing haha.
On Friday we had our lunch appointment with Bishop Elvis. His wife, Scarlet, called me in the morning though and said they were most likely not going to be there because it was Elvis' birthday. With that being said, she said instead of us going there he wanted to drop off some money at our house so that we could still eat on their money. He left us with a 100 Quetz and said get yourself a pizza! Problem was...there were no deals on pizza on Friday, so instead we just went to McDonalds :) Free McDonalds from the man yet again... I love the man.
We made "pupusas" with the Sister missionaries again... Made them with their bishop, and actually, tonight we are making them again but with our bishop! We have to make them for 16 people tonight... It is going to be a big FHE. Should be fun at least though haha. We are in charge of the games :( haha.
We helped some Elders with a baptism on Friday. Actually happened to be my companion from the MTC, Elder Sicotte.
So church was really good again. Took us by surprise. One of the first people there was just some random guy. Turned out to not be a member, so we sat next to him. He only had questions of how he could become a member. It was very strange, but really cool. He disappeared after Sunday School, so we are just hoping he shows up next week. Said he wanted to get baptized and everything, so it would be really cool if he follows through with that desire. Our two positive investigators that showed up last week said they weren’t going to be able to come this week because they had something else they had to do... They didn’t show up to Sacrament, but instead they showed up to Relief Society. It was extremely strange to see them at the end of the classes... Brought a huge smile to my face though. She is getting extremely close :)
Anyways, that has basically been my week in a nutshell. Not much, but still good. Hope all is well. Love you guys!
Elder Bitner

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