Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Email 9 January 2012

Elder Sac (middle)
So this week has been an interesting one, but not necessarily in a bad way haha. Changes are always something that makes the mission feel weird and new... As I mentioned last week, my companion had changes. He is now in Quiche, and I have a new companion! Elder Celis...who is from the capital of Guatemala. He has been out on the mission 15 months now. The cool thing about him is he is a covert of just 2 years. At the year mark, he basically left for the mission. Didn’t procrastinate or waste any time. Cool right? Only he and his younger brother were baptized too, so he has basically no major support back home. Especially now since his brother is inactive... Good kid with a strong testimony believe it or not. It is amazing what kind of testimony you can gain in such a short amount of time. Anyways, him and I getting along just fine and doing what we can to have whatever amount of success we can.
I watched my first missionary leave for his mission while being on my mission this past week. Very weird experience to see someone become a missionary while being one yourself haha. Jeffrey Sac was his name, but now he is Elder Sac going to Tegulicigalpa, Honduras. Tuesday night we saw him get set apart as a missionary and everything! He was excited to leave for his mission, but I think pretty scared too. Love that kid though... His poor mom is now alone with just his little 4-year-old brother because her and her husband are separated, and the other two kids live with him. Luckily Jeffrey is doing what he should be doing, and for that they will be blessed. Works out well in the end I suppose :)
Guess what I ate this week. Fish... haha. When they asked me if we could eat it, I was hesitant to say yes, but I went for it anyway. Surprisingly I found the fish to be quite good! Had to dig out a few spines, but once I got around those it was almost heaven haha. My eating habits have definitely adapted to eating anything in front of me no matter how much it might gross me out. You will be astonished to see it one of these days...
Church was really good this week. I had a surprise visitor! Hermano Cuque (my CCM teacher for those who have forgotten) was there when we showed up haha. It was a huge surprise. He happened to be in Xela this weekend to go to the temple, so he found where my ward attended and came! Such a good guy... He even brought me Dr Pepper and some other goodies. Always is hooking me up with the good stuff. I owe the guy my life... haha.
The other good thing about church was that our 2 most positive investigators showed up! Patricia and her daughter Amy. We have been trying to baptize them since I got here... They are getting closer. She just wants to come to church a couple more times and then she'll make her decision she says. We can only hope for the best. Have really developed a strong love for her and her daughter. I just want them to be happy... Got to love the mission and people you end up loving here.
That has basically been my week. Got some mail this past week... Letters :) First ones in a long time. Even got Rachel's Christmas Card! haha.
Well, I hope all is going well for each of you... Take care and have some great weeks! I love you all :)
Elder Bitner
Hermano Cuque Goodie Package

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