Sunday, May 20, 2012

Email 14 May 2012

Elder Adams
Long Time No Talk,
So...I know this is pretty late of an email. We got held up in Xela trying to get Bergeson a suit and playing soccer and yeah... We had a "tournament" with my old Zone in Xela this morning. The Zone Leaders made the teams and everything, but my team won the championship :) It was a good feeling. I was just impressed we did so well. It was awesome.
This basically is pointless I feel like. I just talked to everyone last night, so it feels weird saying the same ol' stuff really. You all know I had changes in a way. A moved like a block down the street to open up a new area called Xerax├│n (pronounced Share-uhh-shown). My new companion is legit though. We are getting along great and he is hilarious, which makes everything so much better. His name is Elder Adams and is from Maine. Well, sort of from there... It is complicated. In a cool kind of way though. I’m very happy with the changes.
Was sick a little bit this week, but not a big deal really.
Other than that we have just been trying to get settled into our new house. I’m a big fan though. Anyways, it was great talking to you guys yesterday. I really enjoyed it, but obviously a longer conversation without so much delay would have been a lot better. Sadly, it didn’t work out like that. Pretty crazy to think that the next time I talk to you is going to be when I’m at home! It is sneaking up quickly. 2 months and we will be reunited again.
Let me know if there is anything people need from Guatemala! I’ll send a longer one next week. Love you all so much and miss you all so much. Again, I loved talking to you yesterday :)
With much love, Elder Bitner!
 PS-You are all the best.
David's clothes rack he made out of an old box spring
David's Mother's Day Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner - Special K
Victorious Soccer Team

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