Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Email 22 May 2012

Rainy Season
Hey Wonderful People,
Finding out about 2 minutes ago my travel plans was the best part of my day...haha. I’m glad to hear that they finally do exist. 3:30 pm? Not bad... I definitely thought it was going to be a lot later than that. Lucked out I guess. We'll have a good afternoon to spend my first day in the "casa". Just make sure you set things up with President Martin, please. And let me know the plan.
So I know it is somewhat weird that I’m writing today. They switched our P-Day on us so we could go hike this mountain in my area to visit this little tourist site that looks over Lake Atitlan. Sadly it didn’t work out though. They decided to not let us do it in the end because of some complicated things. Next week it looks like we are going for sure though, so P-Day will be on Tuesday again next week I think. For P-Day we went to the Zone Leader's area and started off the day with a District Meeting. Ours lasted about 5 minutes. Pretty nice and short meeting. Funny too haha. After we began to play basketball in the city there. After some manipulative talk on my part, I got everyone to travel over to Totonicapan to play in the church there, since it is a lot nicer. Before that though, we ate some "chucos" (weird hot dog thingies)...then to the Despense to buy my weekly Special K ;) and then to play. It was a lot of fun to play. I’m excited for Night Basketball at the Stake Center when I get back home. That was basically my P-Day though. Just played basketball for a good amount of hours!
Anyways, about the past week... Rainy season is official. Rains everyday...and I love it. We had another 40 contact week this past one. Finally accomplished the goal. Yay :) For all the people that did this one, President Bautista is having a Movie and Lunch deal on Saturday. Supposedly we are going to be able to see a pretty legit movie too. Right now, that is what everyone is looking forward too haha. This past Friday my comp and I went to another area of Elders in the District to try and help them meet the goal of 40 too (we exceeded!). It is a place called Juchanep, right outside of Totonicapan. I went around "tracting" with a kid that came to the mission with me named Elder Bagley. Had a good time with him... Funny stuff occurred haha. After we accomplished the goal of people, we began to visit some members. I had a lady sew a Hollister tag onto the back of the tie I was wearing, so now I have a fake Hollister tie. Pretty cool. Then we went to visit their Branch President. Something pretty crazy happened there. We walked in, and the President was like, "Elder Bitner? That is my son's name!" His little 3-year-old son has the name Bitner... Russell Bitner Alvarado! How freaking weird is that? I was tripping when he told me. Thought it was sooo funny haha. They told me they found the name in the Liahona in an article about Hinckley. They have a 7-year-old too, and her name is Marjorie...the wife haha. I took a pic with Bitner though. That family was really awesome though. They even gave me a jersey of Real Madrid doesn’t get much better than that haha.
Something random...a lot of people think I’m from Canada. When I say I’m from Arizona, they say " are too white. You would be darker." What they forget is I’ve been here for 2 years, so I don’t see any sun haha. Ridiculous.
At church, we had 2 investigators. Hopefully some positive things come out of both. One guy was a guy we met a while back named Mike. We exchanged phone numbers and he would call me randomly all the time. Saturday night I saw him in the street and told to show up to church tomorrow at 10. At 9:30 he called me to make sure on the time and then showed up. He liked it a lot too supposedly, so we have a good little shot with him. He lives in the area of the other Elder's though... Whoops. I don’t care haha. That is the mission and the life right now though.
Things are good as always. Hopefully things are well back there. Everyone take care though and be happy. I love you guys. July 12th at 3:35 pm we will meet again. Yippeee! Love, Elder Bitner
The other "Bitner" in Guatemala

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