Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Email 19 April 2011

Hey there all :)
Well, as you know already... I didn’t email yesterday. Our P-Day was switched to today for a "special" day yesterday. We spent the day yesterday reading the Book of Mormon. The purpose was to finish it in just one day... Shaw and I, as well as our buds in Ical, traveled down to Huehue Sunday night. That was the best trip down ever. It was like 8:30 at night so there were like no cars, and we were standing in the back of a truck. It was just awesome... haha. I actually spoke to a little Latin boy for a while on the ride. It was just fun :) Once we got to the Zonies it was kind of ridiculous. There was about 12 or so Elders staying there. Crazy... The group of kids Shaw and I spent our time with didn’t sleep at all. Shaw actually fell asleep for a few hours. I literally got 5 minutes of sleep haha. It was weird... We talked a lot that night. We had to be at the church to start reading 4 am, so we didn’t find a point in trying to sleep. But yeah, we went to the church and began to read. Some other Elders and I were sitting in the kitchen part, while everyone else was in the Chapel. We all fell asleep rather quick. It was so hard. We listened to it on a kid's iPod more than anything. We did get breakfast, lunch, and dinner though so that was nice haha. I definitely didn’t take it too seriously, which I regret, but we all know I’m not the most diligent reader in the world. It was hard for everyone. Every Elder fell asleep at least once haha. That is the reason I didn’t email yesterday though!
As for the past week... We spent one day with President here in Huehue. That was probably the main thing. We rode down the night before with some random people. We hitch hiked haha. They didn’t charge us anything and they gave us free drinks from the guys company and said he could supply music and such for a big service project if we needed it. He was really nice... For the day with Pres, we met at the church at 7 am. He showed up around 8... He gave us about an hour and a half conference about how we need to change here on the mission. How we need to convert ourselves more than anything. It was pretty good. After that, he starts interviews. He spent the day interviewing some 70+ missionaries. It was insane. Cool thing was though; we played basketball the whole day haha. I still have some talents in that which is quite nice. I just wish I had basketball shoes... I might ask you to send mine if I can’t find any good ones in a Paca today. Pray that I do though ;) At the thing, they gave us McDonalds for lunch and then Pollo Campero for dinner. It was a good day :) Just got to enjoy the other missionaries and get some actual physical activity. We were all quite happy... I got my interview around 9:30 at night haha. It was a really late night as well. We didn’t leave the church until 12:05, and we just went in our basketball clothes so it was cool haha. I enjoyed walking the sketchy streets of the center of Huehue late at night with normal clothes. I miss those days ;) My interview lasted a good 2 minutes haha. Found out I’ll most likely be getting a new comp. A comp that will finish his mission this next change, so I should have the opportunity to "kill" him. Could be fun I guess :) The kid asked to be with me, so we'll see what happens. Shaw is probably going to go to Ixtahuacàn to work though, so he won’t be far at all. A 15 minute truck ride. The interview was good though for being so short. I really like President Lorenzana. It is going to be weird to get a new Pres soon...
Anyways, I got a bracelet from an investigator this week. It is corte :) She said she was going to make us corte bags too, so that would be pretty cool! We will see if she goes through with it though haha.
Something funny I realized about Colo... In church in the states, kids always have snacks of like cheerios or apple jacks. Stuff like that ya know. In Colo.... The kids have corn on the cob and tortillas haha. When I saw this kid eating it on Sunday, I busted up inside. I found it quite funny haha.
Well, that was my week I guess. Things are going good :) I love being here... I also love you all! This coming week should be weird for me because "Semana Santa" is a pretty big deal here haha. Probably won’t get much missionary work done... Everyone is out celebrating. Excited for Easter though! Not going to be doing anything special, but whatever haha. Miss you all!
With much love,
David aka Elder Bitner :)

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