Monday, April 25, 2011

Email 25 April 2011

Hello all.
This was one of the weirder weeks of the mission. I do not understand their "Semana Santa" traditions...
Basically all of Guatemala shut down Thursday, Friday, and Saturday... There were no buses going places, so we had to hitchhike to get to Huehue and then back to Colo Thursday and Saturday because we had a conference Friday. It was weird. It worked out well because we ended up hitch hiking with members both times. Free rides!
Thursday, we went to some appointments. We brought the Ical Elders with us because we stayed at their house. We bathed in the baptismal font at the Church where they live. It was almost like swimming. It was fun :) We went to one family's house in the mountains that invited us to their family party haha. They fed us some fruit that had a bunch of sugar with it. They cooked it in a huge pot. Supposedly it is Catholic tradition. Then they fed us some soup stuff... Let's just say we were pretty full. However, we had a lunch appointment right after! Yay... haha. There they fed us a huge plate of chow mein. I was the only one to finish :) I was proud haha. Besides our appointments though, not much was going on...
Friday, we spent the morning part in Xela in a Conference. That was the time the Jews found Jesus and whipped him and crucified him. I was a little sad that I didn’t get to see that part but its okay I guess. We came back from Xela in the afternoon. It was pouring rain when we got there, so there was not a chance that we were going to get a truck in such weather. We decided to stay the night haha. We went up to "downtown" Huehue (my old zone) and watched some of the events. We got there just in time to see this huge float like coffin being carried out of the Catholic Church by some 20 or more people. The thing looked heavy. They had a band of people dressed in all black clothes following it playing rather scary music. It was a sketchy feeling. They had these colorful designs all over the roads that they would walk across with the huge float and sway back and forth occasionally. They even had a fake Jesus lying dead in a glass case up top. I don’t understand Semana Santa.
When we went back to Colo Saturday, there were so many drunks... Fights going outside our house. Bottles being thrown everywhere. We sat inside pretty much the whole day because it was pretty scary out there. What I found the weirdest was they didn’t even do anything on Easter! Speaking of which, Happy late Easter! They celebrate every day before Easter, but not Easter. Made me upset... I played a game with a little boy where we would throw rocks at glass bottles trying to break them. It was decent haha.
Anyways, at the conference I got one letter. It was from Grandma and Granddaddy. It was nice to get something... In the next package, send more REESES! They were sooo good. That was my week though for the most part... Nothing too big happened. Changes are this week. I’m pretty sure I already know what is going to happen as I told you last week, but we shall see I guess... Wish me luck haha.
Well, have a good week! I miss you all and love you! Hang in there :) Oh, this how the church is written in Mam. No idea how to pronounce it haha.... "AJ C'LOJ TEX JESUCRISTO CYE KE XJAL TZ'AKLXIX CYUJ KE MANCBIL K'IJ". And that is why it is so hard....
Con cariƱo,
Elder Bitner

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