Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Email 2 May 2011

Elder Bitner & Elder Gropp
Mis amados hermanos mios,
First off, I look forward to calling Sunday. Still not entirely sure on those details... No one has said anything about it and we don’t have a phone to communicate with people, so it will probably be like Christmas... I’ll call you guys Saturday night probably to set up a time and everything. We shall see I guess.
Anyways, changes have occurred...... It was a weird situation. We waited in the house to get the phone call. Once we did, we found out that Shaw had changes and I didn’t. He packed all of his stuff up and then us and the Elders from Ical traveled to Huehue because we were having a "Change Conference" the next day. As soon as we made it to the Zonie's house, I got a phone call saying I had changes... I began to trip. I didn’t know what to do because we were already in Huehue and it was getting late. I sent a couple texts to our assigned assistant and President, and after about 10 minutes they called and said I know longer had changes. What a relief that was... I was not at all excited when I got that call. I was upset more than anything. But we got it back to normal :) So chilled in Huehue that night walking around the "downtown" and such... The next morning when we went to Xela, I found out all sorts of things... My Zone Leader, well Ex-Zone Leader.... and Shaw's trainer, is now an assistant haha. That was funny for all of us to see because we all predicted that forever ago. Found out Shaw was going to Momostenango, a place he didn’t want to go haha. That my trainer is now a Zone Leader, and that my new companion is Elder Gropp. He goes home in about 5 weeks now... He is definitely excited for that. He is from Boise, but he definitely doesn’t seem like a kid from Idaho. It is a lot of fun :) He is helping a lot. They actually turned my area, Ical, and Ixta into a District. Bergeson is the District Leader now haha. There are two Latinos in Ixta. It is just strange all around now haha. We are enjoying ourselves though!
We actually stayed the night in Ical this last week because we didn’t have water for like 4 days... So we went up there to bathe ourselves in the baptismal font again haha. Slept in the sacrament room with the fans on low speed. It feels soooo good up there. It isn’t very fair that they are there. Our house in Colo gets so hot... And now that the "wet" season is starting, it is so humid. It is all good though.
We are doing our best to work. Things are finally beginning to settle down from Semana Santa, so maybe we will have a little more success now. I hope we can get at least one baptism before Gropp goes home. As long as we put forth the effort, we should be able to do it! But yeah, Gropp's Spanish is really good so that is nice.
We will continue to work as always though! Going to give it our best... Hopefully we will get something good out of this change. I love you all so very much :) I appreciate each and every one of you. Have a great week and SMILE :) Make it a good month.
Bring on the rain.
Love always,
Elder Bitner
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