Monday, May 30, 2011

Email 24 May 2011

Gropp and me this morning at one of our favorite restaurants here. Place called Don Juans. Crepes with Strawberries and Nutella covered in Maple Syrup. Mmm mmm mmm....Good.

Hey there people,
Sounds like everyone is partying without me there in Texas... Not quite fair to be honest haha. Whatever I guess... I’ll tell you about my week that was not spent with family in Houston ;)
All started with Monday night... We got together with some less actives (the family that cooks our lunches) and went to Ixta to play soccer on a little field. It was Gropp, Bergeson (from Houston), Larson, Ruiz (Elder in Ixta), and me vs. 6 Latinos. Guess who won even with all the trash talking and such... We did! Dominated in fact. We took advantage of our height haha. It was probably the most fun game of soccer I have played in the mission though. We are doing it again some night this week. I’m excited :)
On Tuesday, Bergeson and I were companions for the day. Our comps went down to Xela to try and order some new pants for when they go home, which by the way, I might want to get some pants too. Probably not though. Just a thought. Being the nice comps that they are though, they brought us back some Taco Bell. Even though it was cold, we still enjoyed it quite a bit haha. I miss Taco Bell so much. I went there a lot back at home...
One day this week, I spent a good portion of the day cleaning the house. It looked really nice for a few hours... It got bad though again. I hate how that happens haha. I like clean things. I’ve become somewhat of a perfectionist being here. Okay, maybe not quite that bad yet, but I’m headed there haha. The house looks a lot better than it did with Shaw though. We moved a bunch of things around and now the whole layout just flows. I’m trying to be like the guys from Design Star haha.
It has been raining pretty well in the afternoons though lately. I’m enjoying it quite a bit to be honest. It pours ridiculously hard here sometimes and it is just straight awesome! haha. Supposedly it gets a lot worst, but we'll see just how true that is...
Well, President came to Huehue last Thursday. We had a Conference and interviews. We were supposed to play, but at the last second President received revelation that we shouldn’t play. Can’t argue about that too much I guess. My interview with him went well. It lasted a whole 20 seconds, so I got a heck of a lot out of it haha. It was a pretty pointless interview. He just asked if my parents were doing well, and told me to learn all that I can from Gropp. It was a fun day though. We were the first interviewed because we are the farthest away, so we were able to leave rather early. That was nice.
One thing I have come to realize about the dialect speakers is that their Spanish is just absolutely horrible. For example, everyone here calls us "canche", which basically just means white boy. The dialect people call us "canchos", which doesn’t have true significance. To say "I know" in correct Spanish would be "yo se", but in Colo they say "yo sabo". It just one of those things that makes you feel really good about your Spanish. It is a good self-esteem booster. That is... until they start speaking in Mam again.
Yesterday was Conference... We had church from 2 in the afternoon until 5. I don’t know why it isn’t 2 hours just like the States. Got some nice announcements though. As dad has already figured out, the dedication to the temple in Xela will be December 11. Also heard more about the reconstruction of the chapel in Colo. Starting in 60 or 90 days, they are going to tear down the church and build a new one. A two story church that will have an elevator, which will be a huge deal here. They have never seen such technology I’m sure haha. It sounds like it is going to be a really nice church though. I won’t be here to see it finished, and for that I’m kind of sad. I might get to see it destroyed though! How cool would that be?
That was my week though. A few run-ins with drunks, but that is normal. These ones were touching me... It got kind of creepy, but I kept my cool. Today is my 300th day in the mission. High five for that haha. Anyways, that is about it! Hang in there guys. Love you all and miss you! Congrats on graduating Med School Derek. That is kind of big deal in this world Doctor.
Elder Bitner
Clothes area. Gropps on left, mine on right
Stairs to roof, work out space with random red table, and shower entrance

Beds! Very nice mattresses..... Not
Study area, Kitchen, Toilet
Colotenango at night from our roof. What I was looking at when I called on Mothers Day.

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