Monday, May 16, 2011

Email 16 May 2011

Hello all.
Pues, this week went by rather fast. It is weird how that all works... It honestly seems that each week gets faster and faster. Kind of crazy. I’m perfectly fine with it though.
Alright... As for the week - We finally got phones, so I’m no longer without communication. Now people are always on our tail trying to push us. They brought them to our District Meeting on Wednesday. It was kind of funny because it was just me and my comp and the Elders from Ical. It is my favorite District of the mission thus far. We enjoy ourselves.
So one day this week, things for our day kind fell through for Gropp and me. We decided to just go to Ical and see if we could help there. We ended up staying the night there, which was a lot of fun. The branch was having seminary at the building, so there were quite a few people there. We played basketball and soccer with them. Gringos vs. Latinos. We completely owned so it was cool :) They were shocked that we could actually play soccer haha. The weird thing about playing was that there were bugs all over the court. And I mean all over.... You could barely see cement. The bottoms of each of our shoes were just filled with bug guts and such. It was gross... After everyone left, it began to rain so we went inside. Went out a little later to feel the fresh air, when we saw a bunch of frogs. Like 6 just hopping around the outside walls of the church. We began to play with them haha. It was kind of cool. Sleeping was hard because all the bugs kept getting inside the church and all over us. It was nasty...
Another day this week, we set up a basketball game with a couple of investigators. The Elders from Ical came down, so it was the four of us and one less active. It was a close game... Not really. We basically dominated. The people in Colo love us though. We got somewhat of a crowd too haha.
On Saturday, we went to visit this kid that showed up to church last week. He lived pretty far out there... The first counselor of the Bishopric accompanied us. We ended up finding 10 new investigators there. Maybe 3 will progress though... The kid's mom is in the states right now, so his aunt is kind of ruling his life. She just argued with us in Mam the entire time, which neither of us understood. We just understood what the counselor would translate for us. We left there pretty annoyed. Moving on though...
Once we got back, we ran into the Ical Elders. They were going to go to Ixta to get some money... We decided to go with them. I ended up having to pull out some money from my account for Bergeson because he couldn’t remember his pin number haha. That explains why some money was taken out. He bought us all ice cream with it though, so it was nice :) On the way back things got sketchy... This was probably the most scary part of my mission thus far. We were coming into Colo, when we came to a stop because two drunk guys decided to park their trucks side by side in middle of the road, each facing the other way. They were each living in their own little worlds, so they kind of ignored all the angry people around them. Honking started. Yelling started. It was a mess. One of the guys started yelling at us in English, so we began telling him to move... He finally did. The one left and then one yelling at us turned around and followed. Before he started driving away he began cussing at us... Very vulgar things. Gropp got a tad bit frustrated and through an empty bottle he was holding at the truck as it drove away... The guy turned down another street as we continued straight. He picked up two friends and reversed very fast, hitting a house rather hard, but because the houses are cinderblock, only his truck received damage. He then pushed the pedal to the floor and chased after us. We were lucky because we had a couple cars in between us now. We hopped out of the truck we were in and just completely booked it for our house. Ran sooo fast. It was scary to be quite honest. My heart was racing as well as the hearts of the others. It was awesome though haha. We were pretty thrilled it happened, once it was said and done haha.
Anyways, that was my week basically. Pretty simple and easy. Got some missionary work done of course. No dates for baptisms yet, but hopefully we see something good soon. I love you all so very much! Enjoy your weeks :) Miss you guys.
Elder D Bitner

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