Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Email 10 May 2011

Hey everybody :)
Well, I talked to my family Sunday as many people might have assumed, so this email will be rather short most likely. Not much to say! Shame shame, right?
Anyways, I spent the first few days of this week feeling poorly. I had some problems digestively... Very typical in Guatemala, but I hate getting sick. It was all good though. Part of being in a different country I suppose.
I visited a new part of Guatemala. A little city named Cuilco. We decided we wanted to see what was out there so we went for it. It is a little city that you can only get to through Ixtahuacan. It was a fun adventure though. Minus the fact that I got very badly sunburned because of all the truck riding. My nose is pretty messed up right now haha.
For Mothers Day, I spent the morning at church and the afternoon talking with family, which I enjoyed very much - 2 more times of calling home and then I’ll be home. Guess you could say I’m kind of half way through because of that. For my Mother’s Day dinner, I ate Tuna mixed with Mayo and Crackers. Definitely not something I would even attempt to eat before the mission, so high five for that! I decided Tuna isn’t that bad... But it still tastes quite nasty. Not something one can eat a lot of.
As some might have realized, they switched P-day on me this week... Not really sure why, but whatever. Yesterday, they told us we weren’t allowed to leave the house until 12. Found out that was just because some of the Office Elders were coming to pay us a visit. They showed up to our house and I was just like wow. You have got to be kidding...
Anyways, that was my week. Hope everything continues to go well with everyone! Again, it was nice to talk to you all. Especially you mom! Again, Happy Mother’s Day :) Hang in there guys. Have great weeks!
With much much love,
Elder David Bitner

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