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Email 30 May 2011

Scorpion on roof of house
NOTE FROM MOM - Last weeks email is also posted now, finally

Pues, aqui estamos....
How are things with all you??? Can’t really imagine anything but good, so that is what I will assume ;) Things have been going well for me. I have been enjoying myself with everything. The mission is still good in other words haha. My companion goes home in 9 days now... It doesn’t seem fair. I honestly feel like this may never end... I know it is bound to though, unless I die in some crazy thing in 2012. People here are going to go absolutely crazy by the way. Time for the week's events.
To be quite honest, not much has happened to write home about. Things are going pretty slow right now. That is alright I guess though. Can’t get upset about it now can you? haha. So something kind of cool this week was that we got a ride from cops down to Huehue. They asked us if we needed a ride, so we said yes! haha.
Another weird thing was that I became friends with a Drug Lord. That was cool. He bought us Pizza and Gatorades. Just a lot of fun haha. He likes us a lot. I guess it is a guy that my companion used to teach like a year ago. Now he is into the business of his family. Good for him... haha. Speaking of Drug Lords though, turns out there have been a lot of problems with them as of late. There have been a lot of killings this past week. A lot in Huehue, but some up north towards me too. As the members say it, things are "peligroso", or dangerous. We have been fine though. We are actually friends with them, so I don’t think we have much to worry about haha. Life is crazy here...
At our District Meeting this week we had one of our Zone Leaders come. He had interviews with us in companionships. Towards the end of the thing he asked if there was anything wrong between us. Gropp was like, "Yes! Bitner is gay..." My Zonie was like, "That is a problem." Then I was like, "Yeah, I’ve been meaning to talk to someone about it. Just haven’t gotten around to it." And for a second our Zone Leader though we were serious. It was a funny little experience haha. You really have to appreciate the little things like that in the mission that make times fun.
So there has been a lot of rain as of late. Some of the hardest storms I have seen. It gets crazy. It hasn’t even really hit the rainy season! It is still pre-rain season. I’m so excited for it... I’m going to get soaked like everyday I’m sure. Sound like a blast? I think so.
On Saturday, we were supposed to go teach the one kid that I have told you about. His name is Mynor... He ended up not being able to at the last minute though. He had to work I guess. He didn’t show up to church... The bishop and first counselor said they are going to try and talk to him and stuff though, so that is good. Finally getting some help!
Because the thing with Mynor fell through, we had an investigator, Diego, one of our best friends here, invite us over to watch the championship soccer game between Manchester United and Barcelona. Gropp's and Diego's team is Barcelona and mine is Machester, so it was a lot of fun for us. I actually bet a kid in a Colo a Gatorade that Manchester would win... haha. But, they lost of course. They always got to fail me in the most important times... I’m playing the kid I bet though tonight in soccer. The gringos and one Latino missionary vs. the Latinos from where we eat lunch. We won last time, so we should win again. I’m excited haha.
The other night Gropp burned some of his clothes... He really is going home. It is kind of crazy. He has 9 days left today. Wow.
At church yesterday I gave a talk. They told me right before they announced it. They were going to have Gropp do it, but he did it last time, so he made me do it haha. Had to make it up on the spot. It was not the most fun thing in the world...
Also, yesterday I fed a parrot a peanut with my mouth. That was something new for me. Held it between my teeth and it took it right out.
Last night something really weird happened. There were some screams so we went on the roof. Just saw people gathered together. We went down to ask what was going on. I guess a guy was going to kill himself, but then a guy took a machete and sliced him or something to keep him from doing it. Supposedly he was very bloody and such. They had already taken him to the "hospital" above our house by the time we got there. It was just one of those weird things. Plus, on the way to Huehue this morning, we saw the results of a head on collision between two trucks (yes, the kind I ride in). Didn’t look like anyone died because there was no blood, but the trucks were very badly damaged. It was kind of neat in a weird kind of way haha.
That is about it for my week. Pretty normal week I suppose. Hope all is well back home! Enjoy your Memorial Day :) I love you all and miss you all!
David! aka Elder Bitner

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