Sunday, June 19, 2011

Email 6 June 2011


Hello all my favorite people that actually open this up and read this novel of my mission,
Sorry this has come later today. We went down to Quetzaltenango this morning so Gropp could try to find a few things before he heads out. We ate Taco Bell for lunch, which was nice, and we visited the new Walmart there. It has all sorts of things from the states. Pretty awesome. Also ran to Hermano Cuque there, my favorite person here haha. He was in town for an EFY conference or something. It was awesome seeing him. He ate lunch with us and shopped with us. It was great :)
Things are going quite well for me still. Hopefully they are with all of you as well. The happiness on my part might change this week however. Another change is over, which means a new one is starting... Gropp goes back to Idaho in just 3 days now, while I stay behind and receive another companion and perhaps a new area. We can only hope it is a cool companion. Gropp thought I was going to get the wonderful opportunity to train (something I don’t want to do), but we have come to find out that only one 'Sister' will be coming in this change, and unless something very dramatic changes the rules, I will not be training her... haha. I’m pretty scared for these changes to be completely honest. Mainly just because I know I’m getting a new companion, just not who it will be! Worries me...
This week has been good though. Not much has happened with me still... We were supposed to have a conference on Tuesday with President here in Huehue, but he didn’t show like normal haha. Instead we listened to the assistants for a while talk about whatever they felt like. It We did finally receive pouch. I got the talk mom sent me (thanks for that mom) and 2 letters from friends. Not too bad :) They gave us McDonalds for lunch, but we were all pretty disgusted by it, so after we went to our favorite little place to get those delicious crepes. There were 8 of us there. Quite a site for those little Latin’s here.
On a more random note, I got my haircut. It had been quite a while to be honest. My hair was getting pretty longish. Now, it is rather normal. Had the lady cut it with just scissors, so it was more American like haha. Still not perfect though. Had to get some touch-ups from an Elder. Moving on though...
Went on divisions for a while this week with my good pal Bergeson. We went up to Ical in the morning to visit a family of investigators that I actually started teaching with Shaw, so it was kind of cool for me. The dad wasn’t there though, so we waited for a while. And in Ical...waiting means food, which is never a good thing. She started by bringing us a cup of water, which we did not know if it was for drinking or the washing of hands, so we did both even if it did have many, and I mean many, gross little thingies floating around in there haha. Lovely, right? Don’t be surprised if I end up at home one day with a parasite. The chances are a lot higher than I originally expected coming to this country. After the water though, out came the beans... The grossest looking and tasting beans I have ever seen/tasted in my life... They were so gross in fact, that Bergeson paid me 40 Quetz, or 5 Dollars, to eat his haha. Not much later, another cup of water was brought our way, but this time it was green! However, there was no delicious flavor like there should have been... Instead more things on the disgusting side because it too was filled with endless little floaties. After that little shin-dig we went back to Colo to get some lunch that would hopefully get rid of the awfulness already inside of us. Guess that isn’t what God wanted because we were served rice with liver. Now liver, is honestly the grossest thing I have ever eaten. Pure vomit. Sounds good, yeah? I have had that 3 times now in Colo, and it only is beginning to taste worst. That is expected though... Now although I ate all this, I did not get sick. I have no idea how I didn’t, but I’m eternally grateful for my health haha. It was very hot outside that day, so I just don’t understand how I didn’t die. Lucky me!
As part of Gropp's final full week in the mission, we partook in some celebrating... That being me buying 2 new soccer jerseys haha. A Manchester United one and a France one. Pretty cool ones ;) I bought them in the Mesilla, which is the border of Mexico. Gropp wanted to go up there because he spent a good 5 months out there. We went and had lunch. He got his haircut. I bought my jerseys... It was great! On Saturday, we went down to Huehue to see one of his investigators from his last area get baptized. That was pretty cool, especially since both Elders there are our good friends. It was a nice service though. I’m sad we weren’t able to get a baptism this change, but I guess that is just part of the difficulties of being in a hard area. Just got to keep going I guess... I’m sad he is going though. This has been the funniest change of my mission. He really understands how to find enjoyment here, which is something I am lucky to have taken from him.
My week was good though as you might have noticed. Like I said, not too much happened, but it was still nice. It continues to rain, and I love still love it! Might have to pull out the sweaters and rain jacket soon. Pretty excited haha. Can’t think of anything else. It is fun though still! Hang in there. Love you guys :) Miss you all as well.

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