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Email 13 June 2011

Note from Mom - There are two posts again due to the loss of Tyler in our family please be sure to read June 6th first.  Sorry! 
Beloved Family and Friends...
This has been the saddest P-Day of my mission thus far by far. I cannot believe what happened this past week. It is so hard for me to picture...As well as understand. It is a complete shock to me. I loved Tyler. I was able to do quite a few things with him. The most memorable was our day together in Vegas. Being asked by a Chinese cab driver if we wanted a free ride to a strip club... Being chased down by the black guy because I walked off with his CD. The two girls at the pool... We had a lot of good times, and I always will miss him. He was an amazing kid... My heart goes out to all that were affected by his loss. He will always be remembered. No doubt about it...
Well, I guess I’ll continue with the events in my life this past week...
First off, I got another story about a drunken guy... On the way home this past Monday on the bus, I was yet again talked to by a drunk. He sat next to Larson, but after he pretended to fall asleep he was left to me... We stopped at this one place and a bunch of people got off and a bunch more got on. I had an empty seat next to me when the people were getting on, so this man took it upon himself to yell out in Mam to all the girls that there was an open seat next to the "gringo" haha. One girl did end up sitting next to me thanks to him. The entire time he proceeded to try and get me to talk and flirt with her with small Mam phrases he was teaching me. I refused though because I could not stop laughing. He was absolutely crazy, but it was another good moment to laugh at haha. I actually dealt with quite a few drunk on Market Day... We had one follow us for a good while. Wouldn’t leave us alone. We came across a friend of ours though, that told him to go away and clean his shoes. Having friends that speak English and Mam comes in handy a lot... haha. My advice to everyone just is to not drink. Simple as that...
As we all know, I went through changes this last week. Gropp went home and is enjoying life as a normal human, and I’m still here in Colo. Surprise surprise.... I’m okay with it though because my new companion is Elder Bergeson, who was one of the Elders in Ical, and my best friend from the CCM haha, and we are in charge of both Colo and Ical. More area, which means more possibilities :). I have gotten extremely lucky with my last 3 companions... Shaw to Gropp, and now Bergie :) It is nice. Bergesone is from Houston, so I actually know about some of the things he talks about. Pretty cool. His dad is a chiropractor there. Does quite well for himself...And by that I mean he drives a Dodge Viper SRT10. Berg said when I come visit him after the mission I can drive it, so book my plane ticket now haha. Anyways, Bergeson's old comp is now rotting away in Xela with the assistants until he goes home next week. But yeah, life is good for me. I’m going to enjoy this change just like the 3 before.
With the changes came new things to the Zone... There are actually a lot of people from my group in our Zone now. To be specific, there are 7 of us. It is pretty cool. We are no longer our own District up here in Colo. Bergseson was the District Leader, but we got switched Saturday so we wouldn’t be just a 4 person district. We are part of the one down in Huehue again, which means we have 14 people in our District. That is a rather large District... haha. We got a new Zone Leader, Elder Becerra, who was in my District back in Cerrito. He has almost 2 months less time than me, so that is something different to experience. He is the first person to be a leader over me that had less time. I definitely don’t mind though haha. I’m perfectly fine with being a normal missionary my whole time out here. Pray for that. I don’t like responsibility out here. Too many whiners.
Bergeson and I have been working well together though. Didn’t shock either of us haha. A lot of the time we don’t really know what to do, so we just walk down this really big street handing out pamphlets and talking to those that speak Spanish. Then we come to a bridge. We stop and have a boat race, and by that I mean we take empty bottles and drop them off the bridge into the river and race them to a certain point. I have yet to win... Mine always sinks. Not sure why that is... Then we come up the same road, which is quite steep at parts....doing the exact same thing! Fun? Yes... Productive? Probably not, but that is about all we can do until we get a reference. Got to love the life as a missionary in such a random place!
That has basically been my week in a nut shell though. Not too bad... but not too great. I still can’t believe what happened with Tyler. Can’t get it off my mind in fact. It is sooo sad to me. I shook as I read Rachel's email. It honestly just is a terrible thing that we are all unfortunate to deal with. Hang in there everyone... I love you all and miss you all so very much. You guys mean so much to me. Keep smiling and keep moving down the path of life... Even if it smacks us right in the face.
Love always,
David, otherwise known as Elder Bitner

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