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Email 20 June 2011

Elder Bitner''s home (top/orange)
To All That May Care,
Hi. To start off, HAPPY FATHER'S DAY DAD! Sounds like it was a pretty uneventful one, but those are nice I guess sometimes. Hopefully you were able to enjoy yourself though. Hopefully everyone else was able to as well. Anyway, how is everybody??? That’s good. Well, this week has been a fun one. Nothing too much has happened though. Just saw new things and such. Hopefully things are better back home though. With Tyler's death and everyone. Hopefully everyone is starting to rid themselves of some of that sadness. Remember, there is light in every storm. Well, moving to the events of my week...
We shall start with Tuesday. As I mentioned last week, we now go to Huehue for our District meetings. This week's was good... We take our clothes down there now to get them washed. It is good and bad. Good because the lady does a good job. Bad because we have to carry it around with us in whatever it is we do after District Meeting. Gets old after about 50 feet of walking. Something I’ll have to get used to now. For a while at least...
At the meeting, we were asked by our Zone Leader to get a bunk bed frame out of the Missionary's room in the church in Colo for the Elders in Ixta. We went and got it that same day. The thing was covered in spider webs. It was tied together with metal wire. It was just a pain. After having quite a few spiders crawl out onto us, we got it out the door and to our house. The Zonies came to our house on Thursday and took it to the Elders.
We went to Huehue Thursday afternoon to stay the night there because we were supposed to have a conference Friday and Xela. When we got to Huehue though, they found out it was cancelled. We actually almost didn’t even get to go... haha. Rain started pouring down right when we went out to try and find a truck. It was crazy... The street was covered by at least 4 inches of water in just minutes. I was amazed. It was beautiful haha. Bergie and I went to Don Juans though once we got there with the two from Ixta.
When we got back from Huehue, I found my Book of Mormon on the ground. Guess I forgot it. It was sitting in a huge pile of water! The rainstorm had put so much rain on our roof, that it began to leak into our house... Just happened to hit right next to where my Spanish scriptures were. They are quite wet and ruined now. Still kind of can use them. The pages are just pretty messed up. I’m going to try and order a new one or something though. We shall see I guess... It has been raining a lot more though. It is crazy.
On Wednesday Bergie and I hiked up to the letters on the mountain that say Colotenango. Took a while to get there because it was in the middle of nothing. No path. We were doing it old school style haha. I actually didn’t even make it all the way to the letters because I got stuck at a cliff area. If I would have tried to get down it I would have for sure slipped and fell a little ways down the hillside. It was really cool up there. A perfect view of all of Colo, and when in the shady parts, it felt great. I was really happy during that short time period. It was awesome.
On Thursday we took a little trip with a friend of ours here and a less active. We went to a little "laguna", which is basically like a pond haha. It was really cool there. They had canoes you could rent to go out on, but we didn’t do that haha. Would have been bad if we fell in. They had a monkey there. That was weird... It was just a pretty little place, so it made it worth the trip. Our friend who drove us, Diego, took us out to lunch too. We had "caldo de pata" at some little place... Caldo de pata is a soup that has the meat and other things from the shin of an ox. It was....disgusting. The worst thing I have had in the mission by far. Liver is close, but eating the shin of an ox is just plain weird. It smelt like pure slaughter. Took me back to the time where I watched the cow die. Smelt the exact same way haha. He also bought this thing for him that is call serviche. It has all sorts of stuff in it... Tomatoes... Onions... Shrimp.... Crab.... Octopus... Clam... Lime.... Sounds really weird, right? I tried it though. Had a piece of shrimp, crab, and octopus. Strangely enough, the octopus was my favorite haha. Tasted really good. It was a fun trip overall. Being in a normal car was really fun. Helped us grow closer to Diego too, so that was neat.
On Thursday I woke up at 5am to a ton of noise outside. Looked out the window to about a 1000 corte women waiting outside of the gym there. Turned out there was some organization giving out money to everyone for each member they had in their family. 100 Quetz a person I think. Couldn’t receive more than 600 Quetz though. It was pure chaos all day. It was the exact same thing Friday too. On Thursday though, we came up with an idea. The streets were lined with people right? haha. We took 75 pamphlets and wrote our names and number on them and then went out there and handed each one out. Didn’t get very far down the line, but it was really cool haha. We went back to our house and just looked out our window. Saw people actually trying to read it and others flipping through looking at the pictures. It felt good. Not one was left on the ground. They all took them! We both thought it was a fun thing to do haha. Some people wouldn’t take them until they saw someone else take one. Followers...
On Saturday, I spent quite a bit of time trying to help a guy set up wireless internet. Couldn’t figure it out. He speaks English and everything though, so we were actually able to communicate the problems and such. Still couldn’t figure it out though. He bought a CNet CWR-935m thing. Didn’t work for me though. It would be a lot better if you were here Dad haha. I definitely don’t have your talents. I just miss photoshop on the computer. That is all I’m good at really haha.
We work with everyone. Nobody progresses though. The inactives won’t go back because of other people that go. Investigators don’t progress because they just can’t stop smoking and drinking. The only ones that have hope are the ones that members tell us about. No one has given us anyone though, so it makes it difficult. We teach, but the people don’t even understand us.
Everything is good though. Didn’t go to all of church yesterday because Bergie was sick from stuff Diego gave us Saturday night when we shot some baskets with him. It rained quite a bit too though, so it was a good day to be sick. Pretty simple Sunday. I love you all though! Have great weeks and be happy :) Hang in there guys. Miss you :)
Love with every cherry in the world on top,
David B :) aka Elder Beautiful

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