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Email 28 June 2011

My Beautiful Family and Friends,
Me on the Balcony
Today is my 11 month anniversary in the life of a missionary. Only 1 short month from that year mark, or as Bobby called it, "Hump Day." ha-ha. Pretty exciting stuff. 13 more to enjoy this work, and then I’ll be back at home drinking some lovely Vanilla Dr Pepper from QT. Cannot wait ;) ha-ha.
I was very happy to be able to talk with Rachel and Bobby Sunday night. It was nice to hear their voices and to hear that things are going pretty well for them. Made me quite excited to be honest. I was really happy to have something to do Sunday night, too. Kept myself occupied. Always nice ha-ha. It was great though. Now just another 6 months till I can talk to you all again. It will go quick... ha-ha.
Sorry I didn’t email yesterday... Obviously they changed the day on me again. They gave emergency interviews yesterday to those that wanted them before the new President arrived. Therefore today is my email day and P-day. Yesterday we had absolutely nothing to do though, so it was a completely pointless day to be honest ha-ha. I did however eat the best nachos of my life at a little restaurant in Ixtahuacán. They were soooooo good. Can’t even describe it. While we were there, we found out the missionaries that were there got changes the night before... Then last night, we found out they aren’t putting new ones in. That means, it is our area again! ha-ha. Once again I’m over the 1 Ward in Colo and 3 branches in Ixta, Ical, and San Pedro. Supposedly there are some positive investigators in Ixta though, so hopefully we'll be able to work with them in a successful manner :)
This morning on our way here, we were riding this bus thing. It is basically just a minivan, just a tad bit bigger ha-ha. They drive with the door open because it gets filled quickly... So Bergie and I were hanging onto a pole, while hanging outside a door... We both had our backpacks on, and we were driving pretty close to where everyone walks. This old man was walking down towards us, and I knew something was going to happen. He looked away and as we drove by, Bergeson's backpack just smacked the guy in the face real hard. Really sad, but very funny too.
Anyways, we'll get on to what happened this past week... So on Tuesday, Elder Ronfeldt, our assistant, came to our District Meeting. For what reason, I’m not really sure, but he did give us a rather good lesson I think. Now that I think about it, I can’t remember what it was about, so maybe it wasn’t that great after all! ha-ha. Just kidding... With him came "pouch". However, I did not get anything. It has been a while since I have gotten something. Luckily you guys just sent a box though, so I have something to actually look forward to ha-ha. It was at this meeting we found out about the Conference we had Thursday, which would be the last one with President Lorenzana as our Mission President. Pretty sad thought... On Wednesday, we went down to Huehue in the evening to stay in our Zone Leader's house with them. First though, we stopped at a mall there to get us some Subway. The USA vs Panama game happened to be on, so we ended up watching it. It was cool. I got my good old meatball marinara sub though! It was delicious as always. After that, we went to the Zonies...
In the morning we woke up and traveled to Xela. There we had our final conference with President Lorenzana... It was a lot sadder than I thought it would be. A few missionaries gave talks, and then President got up and spoke to us. He told how much he loved us and how we were all his teachers. He taught us about things we need to be careful with in life... Lots of good advice came right there. Finally, he told us that he was going to be living in Xela still. Turns out his job had asked him to take over things in Mexico and Guatemala, so now he isn’t really leaving after all. He made jokes about the missionaries that will serve in his ward ha-ha. Said they are going to work harder than they ever have. Also turns out that he will be the institute teacher for all of Xela, which is actually a very large city... And he will also be in charge of the EFY program they are opening up in Xela. He is really happy it seems. To be honest, I don’t know how long this will all last though... I have a feeling he will a be General Authority rather quickly in his life. He is insane in the church. Great guy and great Mission President. I’m going to miss having him as my President. Who knows what this new one will bring... Hopefully only good things. I was lucky to have President Lorenzana, and I assume I’ll be lucky to have President Bautista. President Lorenzana actually is no longer our "President" officially, and Bautista is as of today. Kind of crazy to think about... Not sure what is all going to happen.
The assistants told me that they have to drive around Bautista to every area the first two weeks, so that will probably be when I meet him. We actually might have a conference with on Thursday if I remember right. That might get cancelled like always though. I’m excited to meet and hear him for the first time. It is going to be a big change...
Before we all left from the conference, President took a picture of the entire mission and then a picture with each of us. He gave us all little pins too. They say "Misión Guatemala Quetzaltenango" on top, and on the bottom it says, "Misionero Excepcional". In the middle is a picture of a small temple with a family above it. It is a pretty nice looking pin, however, I’ll probably never wear it. More of one of those keepsake sort of things ha-ha. It is cool though. I got to see Shaw again too.
We left the conference on a different bus than all the others because we didn’t want to be smashed again. Before we found the bus though, we went to this place called Club 99 and bought some Dr Pepper :) I got four cans... It was beautiful ha-ha. We got on the bus and went back to Huehue. We stopped at a gas station in Huehue before heading up to Colo, so I could pull out some money to buy jerseys for Cole and such. There I saw the Bishop from my old ward, Cerrito Del Maíz. He wouldn’t let us leave until we let him buy us something... He ended up getting us each a small little pizza...A big Gatorade...and a small can of Pringles. I love that man... ha-ha. He is awesome. I actually miss that area a lot to be honest. I want to go back to it towards the end of my mission, but I don’t know if that will happen because there are Sisters there now. That Bishop is awesome though. Bergeson and I were very happy ha-ha. But the ride back to Colo in the back of a truck was very, very cold. We could only laugh at how bad we were shaking...
On Saturday, I searched for some jerseys. I was able to find a few. I got Cole a couple, so he'll be able to have those when the box gets there. That is once I send it... It is going to be expensive, so I’m nervous to send it. Oh well though. We actually talked to a guy that lived in the states for 6 years. His job was to drive around all the illegal’s to different states to work and live. He said he had to do a lot of drugs, cocaine and such, to stay awake during the long drives ha-ha. He was a crazy guy... He did ask quite a few questions about the church though, so that was cool.
We got 2 references this past week. Both of which seem really positive. One of the members that gave us one told us that the lady wanted to be baptized this week perhaps. I doubt it will happen this week, but it is cool still. Hopefully some good comes out of it.
That was my week though... Again, it was nice talking to you guys for a little bit last night. The circumstances of the call were rough, but we made the best of it.
Hang in there everyone. I miss you all and love you all so much! You guys are amazing! Until next week...
David :)......Elder Bitner!

With President Lorenzana

The Pin he gave us

A favorite thing: mountains in the clouds

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