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Email 4 July 2011

Panorama of our Room
¡Hey Hey Hey Everybody!
Happy Fourth of July! It has been good thus far here in another country... Ate breakfast at McDonalds. Breakfast burritos, an apple pie, orange juice, and a McFlurry. It was delicious :) haha. Right now I’m writing you guys listening to Blink 182. The internet people always put on English music when we come in. Love it haha.
So this week was actually very uneventful. Nothing happened as planned... I’ll get into that in a second. How is everything back at home though? People think it is amazing I have a tortoise haha, so hopefully I still have one. He hasn’t died or anything yet I hope. Connor said he is leaving the MTC soon. Isn’t it crazy how fast time goes by? I can’t believe I am where I am in this whole thing. I feel like I just said bye to you guys in the MTC parking lot. It is almost like I just walked away crying from the car haha. At the same time though, it feels like that happened forever ago haha. It is a weird mixture of feelings. Hopefully it is going well back home though, especially with Grandma and Grandaddy moving in :) You guys are going to party hard haha.
Well, about the things not happening as planned... Our entire week was planned/based around the conference Thursday with the new President. We had ideas of what we were going to do each day... When we were going to get our laundry... Our food.... Send our letters.... Visit investigators.... Stuff like that. But of course, the conference was cancelled, so I have yet to meet President Bautista, or even hear his voice. Supposedly we are going to have a conference tomorrow, but we'll see if that actually happens. We have to stay here in Huehue tonight for that reason. Means we will probably get Subway for dinner :) So far he is just like Lorenzana... Planning things, but then just cancelling them. Actually, he did have a conference, but just with the Elders in Xela (Quetzaltenango). It happens like that a lot actually, and I have been in Huehue my entire mission so I miss out on a lot of things. I’m used to it by now. In fact, I even prefer it that way. I love Huehue way too much to say I want out of it. Anyways, I was hoping to be able to tell you what the President was like and what not, but sadly that isn’t an option for me. Sorry about that. Hopefully I’ll have some news about him next week though! We can only dream.
I have come to realize a few things this week though. Things that pertain to the dogs and people here. I feel like the ratio is about equal: one dog for every human.
The dogs are always bugging us. Whether it be attempting to chase us down the road or trying to get food from us. They are always annoying. They are almost always sooo freaking ugly too. It has been rumored that the people that believe in reincarnation, or whatever it is called when you die and come back as an animal, come back as dogs in Guatemala if they were people that would have gone to Hell otherwise haha. It is a pretty good Educated Guess.
Another thing I realized is that after you eat some real chili (as in peppers) you probably shouldn’t touch your eyes. I did that on Wednesday, and I could not open my eyes for a good half hour. I was straight dying! It hurt sooo bad. Made me really mad haha.
I also witnessed a guy walking down the road shaving his face with a very ghetto razor. I figure that is how their faces get so messed up. Don’t you love figuring things out?
On Thursday, even though there was not a conference, my Zone Leaders somehow had pouch for me. They brought it up to Colo. It was 2 packages. One from my friend back home and the other from you guys (my parents). The one from the friend had some Easterish goodies. Yoyos, colored Goldfish, Animal Crackers, eggs filled with favorite scriptures, Swedish fish, and some highlighters. It was quite fun to open and go through everything. Lots of randomness haha. You already know what was in your package... The camera did make it, so high five for that. I love it thus far. Takes some pretty cool panoramic photos, which is exactly what I really wanted so I’m happy. I didn’t think it would be completely water proof, but it is haha. So that is actually really neat. It would be cooler if I was in Hawaii or the Bahamas and could swim in the ocean though. I’ll use it there after the mission though ;) The batteries you sent were not the right ones... You sent CR2023 when I asked for CR2025. You’ll have to give that another try in the next package I guess haha. The Reese’s were delicious though. I gave a package to Bergeson and kept the other for myself. Bergie had his eaten within the first night... haha. I have managed to survive a bit longer than that. I did watch Tyler's video. It was really sad to be honest. Bergie was like, "I don’t know how you are watching this... It would be killing me." I guess I’m stronger than I thought in that department of life. The article of Bin Laden was random. I’ll hang that in every house I have. Perhaps even in the window just so people can see haha. The Skittle blenders were sooo freaking good. Berg and I ate the box of them in like 2 minutes tops. They were yummy.... Sunday night we cooked the Velveeta. It was so good. Put that in every box you send please haha. I ate it while drinking my last Dr Pepper. Hopefully, I’ll be able to get more of that.
On Saturday we got to do something kind of fun. We went to Ixta to help with a service project the church was doing. In the central park there, there is this basketball/soccer court (like the ones in the CCM) in front of the Catholic church that all of Ixta uses for tournaments. The church was asked to paint it...The lines and such, so Bergie and I went! It was soo much fun. We got to wear normal clothes all morning, which was a nice change actually haha. He and I were in charge of one of the hoops and goals. We painted the bars that held it up and such. We painted it blue :) I had to climb up on top to paint all the high parts... I got so dirty. Paint in my hair.... All over my hands....and arms.... On my chin. On my WHITE basketball shorts... haha. I found it really fun. I love doing things like that now. Service that is... Just makes everything seem better in life. Love it :) After there, we hit up that restaurant I told you about last week. We got those Nachos again. Sooooooo freaking good. I feel like I’ve never tasted anything better. Besides maybe a chicken crescent roll ;) haha. The owners of the restaurants love us. They talked to us for a good portion of the time we were there. I love conversing in Spanish now haha. I just want to work in a place with a lot of cool Mexicans when I get home. Just got to find somewhere that pays good and doesn’t kill me, or put me in line at immigration haha. We went back to Colo after we finished our food. We went to this place that sells a bunch of corte stuff. They are making some bags for us that we have wanted really badly. It is going to cost 125 Quetz, but I’m very excited for it haha. They are like the bags people use for basketball with draw strings (like my Mexico bag filled with fireworks), but of corte material. Going to use it all the time at home :) haha. Then we went and visited our friend Diego in his pharmacy. This drunk guy came in and started cussing and chewing out this kid that was working with Diego. The drunk guy ended up slapping the kid pretty hard in the face... But then Diego took the drunk and threw him to the ground. It was soooo awesome. I just wish I had gotten it on video. Probably the coolest thing I have seen on my mission. I was just like, "Oh shoot...That just happened" haha. Saturday just felt like a really good day though. I enjoyed it quite a bit. For church we went to the Ixta branch. The President got up to start us off... Berg and I looked around and it was just us two and 4 others. We laughed about it. There ended up being 35 people though. Just took them a little bit to get to the church I guess. We had investigators show up to church in Ical and Colo, but of course not at the place we went... Just my luck. After church though, we went to lunch at the usual place. The lady gave us some really weird looking stuff. We had no idea what it was.... Came to find out it was the stomach of an ox. Can you believe I even try to eat this stuff??? She saw that we were kinda disgusted by it, so she got us some fried chicken instead haha. Eating all this stuff is going to make my stomach so strong. You know I haven’t thrown up once on my mission? Crazy...
That is about all I can think of though... Hopefully you are enjoying life as much as you can! I’m doing great as always. Loving the mission still, so that is always a good sign ;) Enjoy the Gs present in the house :) Glad I missed that 121 degree weather. It is still pretty hot here though with all the humidity. I like it so far though. Hang in there guys. I miss and love you all so very much!

"Cancha" we painted

Me painting our part

The delicious nachos

Me eating the nachos

Sunday dinner

Me shooting Bin Laden

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