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Email 25 July 2011

Hey everybody :)
Lots of new things this week haha. Who would have guessed I was going to get changed? I sure didn’t. Having a baptism date and all, I didn’t think it would happen. Sure enough, it did. We got the phone call Monday night. We were told we both had changes... We had to have our stuff in Huehue in the next day, and we were going to be spending the day with our Zone Leaders. They actually closed Colo, so it isn’t even an area now, nobody is working there or anything. The baptism we had scheduled fell through. It has been a rough week on me.
Wednesday we traveled down to Xela early in the morning for our changes. Bergeson is now "stationed" in Xela, while I’m now located in Quiche. I actually am opening an area. It is a called Cunén... It is the furthest area in the mission being about 5 hours away from Xela. It is also the biggest area in the mission. Everything north of Cunén is considered my area, so my area covers basically 1/3 of our mission. You can drive 11 hours north, and still be in my area. It is huge.... We don’t go anywhere else really. Everything 2 hours north and onward is supposedly pure jungle and forest. Gets kind of crazy. My companion is Elder Swapp and is from Vancouver, Washington. He has one change (6 weeks) more than me. He played the flute in Jazz band. We have done one small adventure. As you are entering our area, there is a waterfall in the mountains that you can see. The other day we took an adventure to try and find it. We found it, but only the top. We didn’t figure out how to get to the bottom. It was cool though. We have quite a few waterfalls in our area, so that is something I’m quite excited about. The thing that does suck about the area is its location. In Colo I had to travel an hour every Monday to P-Day... Now it is 2 hours! This morning in fact we were about 20 minutes outside of the main city in Quiche (Santa Cruz) when my comp said he wasn’t feeling good. We had to stop and get out. Found a bathroom and then continued onward haha.
The area is a branch. On Sunday we had an attendance of 28 people... Quite the branch right? haha. They had one speaker, and when he finished they ended Sacrament (about 30 minutes early). Then Sunday school went 80 minutes to try and get back on track, but then we didn’t even have priesthood meeting, so it was just kind of weird. I spent Sacrament and Priesthood hour trying to keep two of the craziest little girls in the world under control haha. I succeeded for the most part. Kids love me here in Guate... Makes me miss Cole a lot.
We live in the church too though, so that makes things kind of weird. Our "room" is about the size of our Den, and the chapel is about the size of the garage. That is the whole church! haha. So small. Pretty nice though. We sleep in bunkbeds. It is actually a nice mattress, so it is nice in that department. However, my pillow is a pillowcase full of towels... Not as nice. I sleep on bottom though. Swapp is the only companion that I have had that is taller than me... I let him have the top so his feet could hang off a little bit. I'll include a picture of our room, so you can understand exactly.
Sunday afternoon there was a car accident in our area. A small little bus fell off the side of a small mountain... It was quite the thing in Cunén. About 5 people died... Everyone else was seriously injured. It was kind of crazy.
Because the branch is so small, we have become good friends with all the members. We were there like 4 days before Sunday. At church, we already knew everyone that showed up! It was funny haha. We even knew more members that didn’t show up. Crazy. We have been fed every night thus far though. Twice by the same family... I don’t think we will get fed every night, but who knows. It has been nice though. Everyone speaks Quiche, but they all speak Spanish too :) It has been really weird to hear Spanish from everyone. I’m having to get used to it again haha.
But yeah, that is what has been going on with me... Life is still good. There are only 12 Elders in all of Quiche. Today we played ultimate Frisbee and dodge ball and then ate at a Chinese restaurant. It was cool haha. My zonies are actually Pence, who was my Zonie back in Huehue, and then King who was in La Viña when I was in Cerrito. :)
I’m surviving though. Loving life as much as I can. We'll see if any baptisms come from being in this place. Missionaries don’t last there very long it sounds like. They just seem to close the area all the time, which I don’t blame them because it is just a really random place. It is fun though :) Hopefully everyone is enjoying life... Hopefully the trip in Utah is good too. Tell everyone hi for me! Miss you all so very much and love you all so very much as well! I hit a year this week. Can you believe it? See you in a year I guess ;) haha. Take care. Smile :) Just least you aren’t where I am haha.
David!-Elder Bitner
Elder Swapp

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