Monday, July 18, 2011

Email 18 July 2011

Mis Amados Hermanos Mios,
¿Que tal? Guess what, a year ago today, I was giving my farewell talk. Crazy haha. Pues, this week has been a good one I feel like. Technically I guess just about all my weeks have been good ones though... I can’t think back on a week that I didn’t enjoy in the end. Kind of crazy how that works. You would think there would be lots of weeks that I just would hate, but I’ve enjoyed all of them! How? Who knows... Guess what song I heard this week. Allstar by Smashmouth. It was sooo random. Very cool though. I knew every word even though I haven’t heard the song in years haha. Well, about the week.
We'll start off with the baptism. Do get straight to the point, it didn’t happen. The lady went out of town on Monday and was supposed to come back Friday afternoon. She didn’t make it back... She is supposed to come back today, so we'll see what happens. We have an appointment with her tonight, so we can try and explain some things to her even though she doesn’t speak a lot of Spanish... If we can make it happen, we are going to have the baptism tomorrow. Who knows though... I was a pretty sad guy on Friday and Saturday because we weren’t able to have it. Welcome to the life as a missionary though. Things never work out like you want them to at first. Oh well. Have to remain positive.
What else... On Thursday, we were able to have some fun. We went to talk to Diego in the morning, and he invited us to go to Huehue with him to get Dominos. We couldn’t deny that opportunity... haha. We met up with him, and he drove us down there. We got 2 large pizzas and a 1.5 liter thing of Coke for 180 Quetz, which is about....22 dollars. I don’t remember how much pizza costs, so I don’t know how that price compares to the states. Can’t imagine it is too much higher, but I wouldn’t be too surprised I guess if it was. It was a nice little meal though. We got one of Pepperoni and the other was Cinco Carnes (Five Meats), Diego's choice. I love talking to Diego. He talks to us like we are normal humans, not gringos... Not missionaries... Not tourists... He actually considers us as his friends. It is nice :) He wants us to come back to visit him in fact, so he can take us places all over Guatemala. I might just have to take him up on that offer someday after I get home because there are a ton of places that I’m not going to be able to see in my mission. A trip back is definitely necessary... It was fun to drive in a normal car again too. Little 2006 Honda Accord. Sadly when we were driving with him his BRAKE LAMP light came on. Luckily we were able to tell him what that meant though haha.
On Wednesday we went and got our Nachos in Ixta. Since Berg has been sick, all he has wanted to eat has been those nachos and Subway. Basically nothing else makes him feel good. Well actually, he is better now, so we don’t have to worry about the food thing so much now. We are both still picky though because we ate pretty well this week. Monday we got Subway. Tuesday we got Subway (I put honey mustard on my sandwich to see what it was like... disgusting. Don’t recommend it). Wednesday we had Ixta nachos. Thursday pizza with Diego. And then Friday we ate with our cook lady... Put a big damper on our diets haha. It was still pretty good though. Better than what we usually get. Saturday we went and ate Nachos again...(While we were in Ixta we got our shoes shined by these two little kids. I beat boxed and spoke English for them haha. They are my two new buddies in Ixta :) ). Saturday night we ate "chicharines", which are pieces of fried pig skin covered in mayo and ketchup, with an inactive family. That was fun haha. And on Sunday we ate with the cook lady again. Pretty good week foodwise. Dinners sucked for the most part. I usually skip dinner or breakfast every day. It is a fun life haha.
We spent one day cleaning our house really well. Moved just about everything to sweep and such. I even changed my sheets ;) haha. I feel kind of clean now when I sleep! Just kidding. I still feel like fleas are eating me alive. I don’t like it at all. You get used to it though. The other day actually, we gave some clothes away to this kid here. I don’t how old he is to be honest, so maybe he is pretty old and we don’t know it. He has some problems though... If you saw a picture you would understand. Bergeson gave him 2 short-sleeved shirts, and I gave him a pair of shoes and a church sweater. He has worn them every day since haha. Everyone calls him Elder Vasquez or Elder Jacobo now. He has no money and a family that want nothing to do with him, so Diego takes care of him and it is really cool. Anyways, when I was getting the sweater to give to him, I pulled it off the hanger and saw what looked like a white fuzz ball on the sleeve. I felt like it was something more than a fuzz ball though. I brushed it with my finger, and it popped. Out came tons of little baby spiders. They were all not born yet, so luckily they didn’t attack me or anything. It was still a little disturbing... Guatemala has taught me to hate bugs. I was writing in my journal the other night and a spider fell from the ceiling right onto my journal! I miss the states way of living haha.
I met the nephew of the lady that cooks for us this past week. He is 15 and lives and studies in the states in Sacramento. Kid speaks perfect English. It was awesome haha. He looks like he is our age though, so that was a mind bottler, ya know when your thoughts are so crazy in your mind it feels like they are trapped in a bottle? hahaha. Name that movie. I know it isn’t the exact quote, but it is the best I can remember haha. His dad spoke English too for the most part. Same with another guy that was with him. He lived in Tennessee though, so he had a southern accent. That was funny to hear haha. I love finding people that speak English.
I have been taking freezing cold showers for the past week... Not fun.
Well, that was my week basically! We have changes this week, so we shall see what happens I guess. I have a feeling I won’t be going anywhere. I hope that is how it is at least. One of the assistants is my good buddy, so I think he will make it happen. We have a lot of possible baptisms in Ixta supposedly, so I don’t want to leave quite yet. I want to work with them over there and see what we can do to make them grow. Who knows... You’ll find out next week what has happened! haha. If I get changes I’m going to be very mad because I want to see this lady actually get baptized... Praying that I don’t.
I love you all lots! Have great weeks. Life isn’t perfect, but with the Gospel we learn to get over that. Love everyone. Share what you know. You don’t know how good you guys have it. Enjoy your surroundings.
Love the blondest person in Guatemala,
Elder db

PS-I hate everyone that got to see the final Harry Potter.  Haha.
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