Monday, September 12, 2011

Email 12 September 2011

House we painted
To Those Privileged to be in America,
Hey there. How is everyone doing? First off, happy late birthday to Brylee! She is officially a year old. Kind of crazy to think about. I remember sitting in the CCM reading that email about how she was born and what not. Feels like that was just yesterday. I’m just excited to be home for her second one :) Hopefully her party was fun though. Maybe she is just as spoiled as Cole... I think that might be impossible though.
Well, to the week...
We have started doing something a little new on P-Days. In the afternoons at least... We play pool :) We have a lot of fun with it haha. A member has a friend that owns a pool hall, so he lets us go in before he opens and shoot around. We should be doing it again today, so I’m pretty excited.
The rain has been coming down really hard still. Lots of landslides and such... Driving on the main roads is just kind of crazy because there are just parts of mountains everywhere. We went to Xela on Wednesday last week. On the way back we were stuck in traffic a little bit. As we got closer, we saw that half of the road was missing... Just fell down a mountainside. That is not a joke either haha. It literally just broke in half and slid down the mountain. Insane to see...
About the Xela trip though... We went down there for interviews. It is nice to have a President that actually has a set schedule for those. I was the first to be interviewed... The interviews with him are a strict 10 minutes, but they are helpful for sure. He talked to me about a few things and then explained numbers. He said for every 1000 doors we knock, one person will be baptized. For every 10 references we receive, we will baptize one person. Therefore, he is really beginning to stress working with members. He is not at all a fan or supporter of tracting, which makes all us missionaries very happy. We still have to tract in my area though because we don’t have enough other stuff to do.
We got back from Xela too late to go home, so we stayed the night with our Zonies and 4 other Elders that couldn’t make it back. 5 of us stayed up rather late sharing stories and what not. When you get a bunch of missionaries together, nobody can sleep. It was a fun night though haha.
Friday, we painted the outside of a house for a member. That was pretty fun :)
Saturday I experienced my first Bible Bash... We were cleaning the river by the Gomez Family's house... A guy came and started talking to us and invited us over to his house later that day. We went because we were just excited someone actually contacted us. When we walked up to the table we were going to sit around, I saw a piece of paper with a bunch of writing and a Bible. I just thought to myself, "You have got to be kidding me..." We said a prayer and then I began to talk... From there he started pulling out references. I pulled out some more. My comp even pulled out a few. It was just crazy... We did straighten up a lot of things with this guy. We were there two hours though... Gave us a lot of time to talk about a lot of weird things. We left him a Book of Mormon and some pamphlets. He read the Introduction as we sat there. That really shut him up, so I’m hoping he felt/realized something while reading it. We have another appointment with him on Friday, so we shall see what happens there.
We cleaned the extra fridge we had, so now we are able to use 2 fridges.
Elections happened yesterday here in Guatemala... We weren’t able to work at all. We actually came down to Quiche yesterday after church because we heard a lot of people don’t make it to Quiche this morning. So to be safe we came down yesterday. We weren’t allowed to leave the house though, so it was just us two, the Zonies, and two other Elders in the house all day... We had some fun :) Played some games and what not. The Elections are crazy though... People get really crazy about it here. It is really hard to put in words, so I’m not going to even try haha. One of the guys that is running is Mormon though. He got second place. They have another voting round though, but just with the first and second place people. We'll see what happens.
That has been my week though. Nothing too exciting I guess. My comp has been getting sick finally. Throwing up on buses... Has diarrhea and what not. It is fun to see the first little bit of a missionary's first moments in the field haha.
Life is good. The church is true. We are blessed.
I love you all so very much... Have great weeks! Smile :)
David!-Elder Bitner

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