Monday, September 5, 2011

Email 5 September 2011

Elder Westenskow
To My Beloved Family and Friends,
Things are going well for me still. No surprise there. The whole being a trainer has definitely changed my mission life a bit... It just makes me feel very responsible for a lot more. I’ll get into that in a second though. The mission keeps going though, so that is always a plus. I hope things are going well back home for everyone.
Well, first I’ll talk about Monday and Tuesday (my two full days in Xela). Monday you basically already know about. After we used internet though, we went and got some food. Wendy’s :) It was delicious. Right after we got McFlurries... Then at night we ordered pizza to the hotel. It was such a good day for food. Tuesday morning we ate in the hotel and then we went to McDonalds too. I got Cinnamon Melts :) Awesome... Then we went to a place here called "Bake Shop". It is run by these Amish people. Very strange, but it is delicious. It was like America in my mouth, awesome... They sold Mountain Dew too, so that made it even better. I was so happy that morning. American doughnuts, cinnamon rolls, and cinnamon melts from McDonalds. I miss eating fast food all the time haha. I mainly just miss Taco Bell. I’m super hungry right now too, so this email isn’t helping at all haha.
So any time we weren’t eating, we were playing cards. Scum to be exact haha. We did do a Paca run for a little bit though. Well one Elder and I did. He needed shoes, so we found him some. We also found onesies or however you spell it. It doesn’t fit me, but I plan on cutting off the feet of it. That will make it fit me :) Another fun thing about Xela was on Wednesday as we were getting ready to travel to our area.... We saw a dead body in the middle of the road. It was so weird. They had part of the street blocked off, so I was like someone's dead. Went and looked and sure enough... just a body in plain sight lying in the middle of the road. Not sure how he died still, but he definitely was dead. It was a good welcoming for the new Elders. First thing they saw in the field. Awesome...
On to the new Comp... His name is Elder Westenskow. He is from Riverton, Utah. Pretty cool kid. We are getting along pretty well though. Been working hard... Having all kinds of opportunities. I think the weirdest thing is just being the one to speak all the Spanish. He will say some things when he feels like he understands what the people are talking about, but for the most part it is all on my shoulders. It is weird... We are part of this new program though throughout all the missions. It is just a new way to train new Elders. To give you an idea of it....We have certain things we have to focus on each week to make sure he knows how to do them, or better said feels comfortable doing them. We have companionship study not one but two hours every day. That is the weird thing. We study so much.... The whole point of the program is to make the new Elder prepared to be a trainer after his 12 weeks of training. That means I’ll be with my comp 2 changes, and then I’ll be leaving Cunen... He might train after that. It really has been a pretty good experience thus far. It is stressful trying to find things to do every day, but I’m hanging in there. It is a fun little experience.
I won’t lie, I did doubt myself quite a bit when I found out I was training. On Monday though, President pulled me aside and let me know that he received revelation for me to be in such a position. They basically took whatever doubt I may have had. And thus far, I haven’t had any problems... Not talking, teaching, being obedient... We are doing well. We've even been able to have a little fun here and there. I took him contacting and showed him some cool places in our area while we were in the boonies. The members now love me a lot. I’ve been able to become a lot better friends with them this past week... It is insane haha.
We spent one morning helping a family. We got in a river next to their house and helped them build a wall of rocks to try and prevent the river from growing up to their house like last year. That was a pretty fun service project haha. Maybe my favorite.
On Saturday everyone told us about an activity at the church and that we had to go. We went and it ended up being a QuinciƱera, or however you spell that word... It was really weird. It was basically like going to church, just without the sacrament. I didn’t know what to think haha. After though, we went down to a school and had a dinner there.
Yesterday at church, instead of just skipping Priesthood, they skipped everything after sacrament haha. They had to go hear a 70 talk in Quiche, so they ended early so they could make it in time. That basically ruined all of our plans for the day. We did find stuff to do still though. Just took some thinking and luck haha. It poured rain yesterday. I don’t know if I have ever seen it so hard... This morning on our way here to Quiche we saw so many big rocks and such that had slid down the hillsides. If it keeps raining like this, I might just get stuck in my area haha. It was crazy... I still love the rain though. Even if my pants just get soaking wet....
I think I fasted the longest I have ever fasted yesterday (not including sleep and such). I started my fast right before I went to bed... Ended my fast at 7:30 the next night. I wasn’t even that hungry surprisingly. I did eat quite a bit though still haha. I’m really starting to appreciate the whole concept and principle of [the] fast though. Helps a lot in this work.
That was my week for the most part though. It has been quite different, but I’m learning to adapt to it. I’m enjoying it. Let's just pray that I see some good success with this kid. We found quite a few new investigators this past week, so we'll see what we can do. I love you all so very much! I don’t think I can really express that well enough... Take care and have amazing weeks. Smile and enjoy all that is around you :)
Elder Bitner

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