Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Email 29 August 2011

Dear Beloved Family,
This week, a lot has happened... Changes. Adventures. Experiences. Wow. The mission just brings all kinds of interesting events in my life.
Anyways, we'll get to the main point. Last Tuesday I found out changes... In our Zone Meeting we were talking about all the new things in the mission, for example Area Books are now part of the work. I have never used one up to this point, so that is weird haha. While talking about it, the Zonies said to me and two other Elders in Quiche that we were going to be training and that our comps had changes. It was not very shocking because President had mentioned it to me in an email, but I just didn’t really expect it to happen... Right now I’m in Xela though. Had a "How to be a trainer" conference thing with President this morning, and for that reason I’m here. There are 16 people training in total. I will meet my kid [new companion] at some point tomorrow afternoon. We'll see how everything works out though. I’m kind of worried about it to be honest haha. Nervous would be a better word. Not a lot of time though, so I’ll move on quickly...
This past week I went on two little adventures. We had our favorite member family invite us on a little "hike", so we went with them knowing it was Swapp's last week there. The hike was not a small one. It was straight up... Very steep and very tall. Once we eventually made it to the top, we were above the clouds. It was beautiful. We got so high that the water was actually pure enough to drink (didn’t try it though considering my condition....). We also got to parts where we had to use a machete to cut down plants because people hadn’t been there in so long. It was a beautiful, amazing feeling though. Really helps me appreciate the process of the creation. The world is lovely.
The other adventure was with the son of the same family. Swapp and I helped his family move houses and such, which by the way....Granddaddy would have had a heart attack if he saw how people loaded and moved things here. We had our lunch with them like usual, but while eating they were like, "You guys need to go to the 'Grutas' to see what they are like before Swapp goes." So we went. The kid, Alex, showed us the way... It took us a little bit to get there, but we made it and it was beautiful like the mountain view. The "Grutas" is a little waterfall/cave place. It is hard to explain, but I’ll do my best to send some pictures and then you'll see what it is like. I loved it though.
Other news... I remember telling you guys about the drunk guy in Cunen that always bothers us and would just pop up out of nowhere. Good news with him. He has been sober the last couple weeks. Don’t know what happened in his life, but he looks happier and acts a lot more normal. I’ll have to try and talk with him soon, to see what he is like now. Maybe something positive will come out of him.
The parasite thing may still be an issue. I don’t want anyone to worry though because I’m going to be getting it checked out soon. Maybe tomorrow if we can manage to have a bit of spare time. Who knows? I don’t feel sick... But seriously, I don’t want anyone to be stressing over it. I’ll manage it fine.
Sunday we had our "District Conference". All the branches in Quiche met together in the main part of Quiche. 425 people showed up, which is supposedly a record. Our branch lacked a lot of people though... We were planning for around 60 people... Only 35 came. There was a huge rain storm, Saturday night, which supposedly caused a landslide on the road between Utspantan and Cunen, so no one could pass through from there. We lost quite a few people with that. We were sad about it, but that is the life in sketchy places. Swapp took all of his bags with us, so we just stayed in Quiche all day yesterday. We actually did an appointment for the Zone Leaders because they didn’t have time. The lady fed us fish, which I was quite nervous about. It ended up being delicious though :) She cooked Marlin for us. It was amazing... Never thought I would like any fish, but I liked this one! haha.
That was my week though. Got my hair cut, so I’m back to very clean cut haha. I’ve been saying bye to quite a few people going home... Two are from Arizona actually (Glendale and Queen Creek). It has been sad. Has made me kind of homesick. I’ll be home someday though, so nothing to be sad about really.
I’m excited for this new experience I’m about to have. It is about to happen.... Just hopefully I’m going to be able to manage it well!
I love you all soooo much and miss you guys as well! Have great weeks. Smile :)
Love, Elder Bitner


August 14, 2011

I’m writing this during the third hour of church because we don’t have a Priesthood class. It has been like that for more than a year now. I don’t understand it, but we all know I’m not one to question things I’ll let things be until someone with more authority comes and decides to change things up a bit haha. The women stay and have Relief Society and all the men just leave. Shows the dedication, right?
It has been a fun week though. I swear I say that same thing every week… I was on changes with Elder King – I love that kid and we painted a room in a house. I visited this one family with him in his branch. They live without power…without light…While we were there, one of the girls was doing her homework while holding a small little candle that was almost, if not, burning her fingers. They had nothing… I just remember the mom saying, “I’m poor, but I’m always happy.” People like them are what really put life in perspective for me. Helps me realize and remember that God does live and that only through him can we truly be happy. He can bless our lives in ways that we don’t ever think of, He, for example, blessed this lady to be poor so she might have a greater appreciation for everything around her, especially her family. It really brought my soul down to its knees. It humbled me. Those experiences are the best ones on the mission. They show the true beauties and riches of life. I stand all amazed at things I witness and am able to grow from. Oh how lucky I am. How great is my joy that all is well in both the good and the bad.

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