Monday, August 8, 2011

Email 8 August 2011

Hey everybody :)
I got the most emails ever this week... 30. So this might be a short-ish one haha. Hope everything is going great though. Sounds like lots of things are happening out of nowhere, so that is a little interesting. I just pray everything works out well! The purchases and knee replacements and other stuff like that... Can’t believe a bunch of my friends are coming home already though. My day will come. As for now though, I’ll just keep pressing forward...
We'll start off with Monday... After Internet, we went back to our Zone Leader's house and ordered Dominos to celebrate an Elder's birthday...
Something a little more interesting/gross would be I might be sick...and by sick I mean.... sick haha. The other day I had a little bathroom trip, and when I flushed there was one little thing left. It was this weird substance with weird, worm-like creatures coming out of it haha. I don’t know what that means exactly, so who knows if I have something or not... I’m sending the picture to Derek so he can give me his official Doctor's opinion. I’m feeling better now though. Last week I did have some problems... That is for sure haha. [ Note from Mom – I got a hold of Dr. Bitner who said that he emailed David back (after receiving his emailed picture) that he needed some anti-parasite medicine and to not email him pictures like that.]
We were finally able to start a weekly activity. We did the first one Tuesday night, and now they will happen every Tuesday night. It is called "Noche de Hermanomiento", which is just Fellowship Night... Swapp and I were in charge of this first one just so we could get everyone back into it, but now the members are going to be switching off having it in their homes. For ours we just shared a short message together and then we played some fun little games. For refreshments, we paid this poor, single mother that is a member, to make some tostada things, and then we made a drink called Atol, which is just rice, milk, sugar, and cinnamon all mixed together haha. Better than it sounds... I love it a lot :)
This past week we woke up early one morning to go play some Frisbee in the back of the church. Just a little random thing we did. It was fun though... Got us warmed up for this morning haha. We played ultimate Frisbee at the church this morning with the Zone. Lots of fun...
Something I haven’t done since the first week of my mission is divisions with members. We were able to do it this past week though. I went with Eulogio Gomez, a guy that just got back from the states a few months ago (doesn’t speak English though), and my comp with Jacinto Rodriguez, who is the only guy in our branch with a vehicle haha. With Eulogio, we just went to one house to try and talk with the family of a recent 10 year old convert. Only her and her little siblings were there though, so we just set up another appointment to go back when the mom would be there (which fell through as well...still haven’t been able to talk to the mom.). It took us about 5 minutes haha. We got back about 2 minutes after my comp and the other guy left, so I just chilled with his family. The divisions were fun though. It feels weird to be away from another missionary haha.
On Thursday we had out Zone meeting... Lots of things happened there. President Bautista has officially taken over the mission. All of Lorenzana's rules are gone. Everything is new now. We basically just have to abide by what the "White Bible" says. We have a little more freedom now haha. Money is going to be a lot tighter though. He is very strict on that...
I went to Utspantán again this week. The guy with the vehicle in our branch drove us out there to do some inactive visits. We did 3 visits, and they were all pretty good so that was good. We have a district conference (because there are only branches in Quiche), so each branch is supposed to bring a certain amount of people. Cunén has to bring 80 people or something. With an average attendance of 35, that is going to be really hard. We are trying to visit and commit a lot of people to coming. Hopefully we will be able to meet the branch's goal.
We officially have a lady that makes lunches for us now. We pay her 15 Quetzales a meal and go Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday to eat with her. They are good meals too. She can cook :) And it happens to be the mom of my favorite family in the branch, so that just makes it all the better.
Finished all the Conference talks from last session. I love reading them...
That is about it though. I’m glad to hear all is well, as it always should be. Hang in there everybody. I’ll keep enjoying my time here. I love you all and miss you all sooo very much! Take care. Smile :)
The good old Elder David Bitner
Top:  Slug by my bed, Bottom:  Sketchy bug in Shower

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