Monday, August 22, 2011

Email 22 August 2011

Hi buddies...
So I’m kind of out of it right now. Getting here to Quiche from Cunen was an absolute nightmare. We waited an hour and a half for a bus... We had 4 pass us, but none would stop for us because they were already way too full. One eventually came and let everyone pack in. I was smashed in the back seat with 4 other grown men. It was not at all pleasant... I have a major headache and am just very confused on all kinds of things haha. I did make it though, and here I am.
So last week's P-Day was kind of complicated as some might have noticed because I wasn’t able to read or respond to quite a few emails from friends and such... It was ridiculous. I feel bad, but hopefully I’ll be able to write nice big emails to everyone today...
Last week I forgot to mention what we did for P-Day. We went to a place called Chichicastenango, which is a little city here in Quiche. It has the second biggest market in all of Guatemala, so it is pretty popular... We met at the church there and played some soccer. First time I’ve played that in quite some time... After sports, we went and ate at a pretty nice restaurant (the menus are in English too). I just got a steak type thing. It was good, but not nearly what it is in the states... As we were leaving the restaurant a bunch of girls came up to us and asked for pictures with us. They were from LA. They are Guatemalan but have lived in LA a long time, and they are supposedly good friends with the missionaries in LA... It was just weird. We did take a picture with them though. 10 Missionaries and a few 20 year old girls haha. Then I came back to Quiche with King and that is when I used the internet. We had to leave quickly though to make some scone dough for a family home evening we were going to. Complicated day...
So I have developed a new love for the corte here. I’m starting to buy pieces of it to have ties made. Each piece of corte is like 40 quetz [US $5.15], and you can get 3 ties from each piece. Each tie to make costs 38 quetz, so it adds up. I sent a piece of corte in to get some made, so I should get them this week. I’m pretty excited about the whole thing...
Once we got back to Cunen on Tuesday we had our weekly activity...This time we had it in a family's house though. We were put in charge of the games like always... haha. We played charades. Everyone was really confused at first, but eventually they figured it out. They had a lot of fun with it actually... For the last round they decided Swapp and I had to do it to see which team would win. Swapp had to act out a jellyfish.... His team couldn’t guess it. I had to act out a peacock.... My team guessed it :) haha. I was wearing my sweater, so I took it and got on my knees and crawled around periodically throwing my sweater up behind me like feathers. I don’t know how they understood what I was doing, but it was quite awesome haha.
Anyways... Guess what program I got to use this week ;) Photoshop! haha. We went to the house of the lady we eat lunch with to help her a little bit. Her son ended up being on the computer trying to make business cards for his dad using Photoshop. I saw it, and I just got so excited... haha. I sat down next to him and began to help him figure out how to do things because he was just learning how to do it.
Now to more talk about ties :) We went to a few different cities this week to do some visits. Utspantan like normal, but also a place called Nebaj. We searched a few pacas there and found some legit ties... I was so excited. Found a bunch of nice Canali brand ties with tags still attached and everything. It was awesome... haha. It is my goal to come home with as many ties as Derek did haha. We'll see if that is actually possible though.
Amidst all this goodish news....there is some bad news. I have been having problems with my backpack... The pocket made for a cd player or just electronics in general has come to an end. The zipper on it just disappeared! Don’t even know where it went, but now that pocket doesn’t serve so it just stays open all day, which isn’t a good thing when it starts to rain. Now I have two zippers broken... Told you guys we should have just gotten a cheaper one.
Back to some fun stuff though - I have been getting a lot of kisses lately. Don’t go raising assumptions now... They are the branch Presidents daughters haha. One is 5 and the other is 6, I think. They always tell me they have something to say to me, so I bend down and they kiss my cheek haha. It is pretty adorable in all honesty... Just hopefully I don’t get sent home for it ;)
Remember how in Colo I would ride on the back bumper of the trucks? Well if you thought that was bad.... I rode on top of a bus Saturday haha. It was a lot of fun. Something I have been wanting to do for a while in fact haha. I’ll be safe though ;)
Well, that is my week... Hopefully all is going well back home. Happy birthday to Grandpa Bitner! Good luck to Granddaddy on his knee replacement. Welcome home Tyler. I don’t know what else to address haha. Hang in there though. I miss you all and love you all very much :) You guys are the best! Smile :) and be happy...
David! aka Elder Bitner

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