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Email 15 August 2011

Luis David Rivera Villatoro
To All My Beautiful People Back Home :)
What's happening? So I have become the Elder that spends the most time on internet, so I’m going to try and live up to that name haha. Kidding of course. I get to hear from sooo many people back home though, so it takes up a lot of my time. Can’t complain though! I love hearing from everyone :)
First off, I’ll address the whole "parasite" thing. I think I’m fine now. I haven’t asked anyone about it though. I haven’t seen anything too crazy I don’t think for a while, so I’m not going to complain about it right now. I am sick right now though. Started yesterday when I woke up. Just like a cold though. Runny nose, itchy throat, and coughing a lot... I still have some Halls from the last time you sent them, so that is making it all the better too haha. It did keep me in the house practically all day yesterday though. The rain and cool air was not something that would have helped me out a lot. I’m feeling somewhat better today though, so don’t worry about me!
Anyways... We did have our baptism Saturday. Went through and everything. We baptized the little boy, Luis David Rivera Villatoro. Swapp did the baptism. I gave a talk... I hate talks. Everything went well though. Quite a few people showed up in fact, so that was nice. He had quite a bit of support :) He was a little scared to get in the water, but he eventually got in, which means the deed was done. My talk was about the Holy Ghost. Went pretty bad to be honest... I wasn’t very ready for it, but whatever I guess. After the baptism though, we had a little refreshment that the Grandmother made. Then all the Relief Society had a cooking class on how to make cookies, so we just stayed in the church with all the members for a long time. While the women were cooking, I was out back with the men and kids playing soccer and volleyball haha. That is how it should be ;) right? Kidding... I know that men should help cook once in a while. It was a very fun day though. I really like Cunen and the people there. Really have come to love the area.
So instead of traveling back to Cunen after our Zone Meeting last week, I stayed here in Quiche with Elder King :) My good old buddy haha. His comp went back with Swapp, so they could do the baptismal interview. I really enjoyed my time with King though. Felt like our days back in Cerrito and La ViƱa. Miss those days in fact... With him though, we did a lot of visits that first Tuesday afternoon. Wednesday we woke up and fixed some ties we bought in pacas Monday (beautiful ties in fact....found one that everyone says is the most beautiful one found in a paca :) We just ironed them with a cooking pan, trying to get all the wrinkles out. After that we went and did some service. We painted a room. Reminded me of when we painted everything back home... It was a lot of fun being and working with King :)
We have been preparing for a District Conference that is coming up here soon. For those that don’t know, a District Conference is the same thing as a Stake Conference... Just a name change because there are only branches here in the Department of Quiche. No wards whatsoever. Swapp and I went and made some invitations though for it. That was pretty fun. Cunen is supposed to bring 75 people, so we have been having to do a lot of inactive visiting... Funny thing is, no one in the branch even knows the people listed as inactives, so that kind of complicates things.
I finally started up Spanish study again... haha. Hadn’t done it for a long time. Just never had time because of the schedule in Colo. Now I am able to though :) The Spanish is good though. I can understand basically everything. I can get my point across too, I just wish I knew a lot more vocabulary. That is by far the most boring thing to study though. I’m getting better though :)
So yesterday at church... We didn’t think anyone was going to come. There was some big Political thing going on in Cunen that all the teenagers and teachers (lots of people in the branch are teachers) had to go to for school. Turned out to be our biggest church meeting yet though haha. 46 people in total. There were 7 inactives :), 2 recent converts, and 3 investigators. We were pretty amazed on how it all turned out. Things really are picking up. Cunen is a great place :)
Before I end, I’ll just mention the Cunen Drunk guy. I have not seen him once sober...and that is pretty impressive because I see him everyday haha. He always comes up and tries to talk to me. He has a pretty good English accent. Just lacks in the grammar. He always tells me how much his heart hurts... I just tell him, "Well duh! You drink all day, every day! What do you expect?" He kind of laughs and then asks for money and that is where I leave him. Drunks are in all parts of Guatemala. Not just Colo haha. It is ridiculous...
That was my week though. Nice to have a baptism again. Last one was in March... Quite a while ago. Hopefully I continue to find success. I started the New Testament this past week. Almost done with Matthew. I’m actually starting to like the Bible now. Take that back... The Old Testament still is rough - big time haha. Matthew 10:34 is my favorite thus far. Jesus is the man.
Well, hang in there everyone! I love you all so very much :) Have good weeks and be happy! Smile :) Miss you.
David!-Elder Bitner
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