Monday, September 26, 2011

Email 26 September 2011

Hey there :)
How is everyone doing? Lots of stuff has happened this past week... Bobby's surgery. Cole's first soccer game. New entertainment center. Legit stuff. Can’t wait to see some of it in the next 10 months haha. Especially Cole playing soccer.... I can’t even imagine it. Him in something organized? Doesn’t sound like him.
Anyways, things are going pretty well. Nothing too new or exciting has happened this past week. We found out that the guy we put our baptismal date with started drinking again. That is going to cause some problems... Who knows what will happen now. We weren’t even able to meet with him this past week. Part of the mission. Investigators fall...they just have to learn to pick themselves back up like Batman ;)
We went on a small adventure this last week. I promised my comp that I would show him the big waterfall, so we went to it haha. Wednesday afternoon we hiked out there. It was a lot harder than the last time I went. The paths were way overgrown... We got our clothes and persons very dirty. The river was a lot bigger too from all the rain, so that was pretty cool. After a while, we made it to the beautiful site. Being here in Guatemala has taught me to appreciate the world a lot more. Coming from a place where I see nothing but brown year round....and now only seeing green everywhere. A big change. One that is awesome to adapt to haha. Waterfalls? Can’t complain about that. While we were there though, I just sat there and stared at it. All sorts of things were running through my mind. It felt so good. I love nature :) On the hike back to Cunen it began to rain. That was unfortunate... A man accompanied us on the walk back though haha. It was pretty funny. We crossed paths and he was just like, "Let's walk together!" Had a nice conversation about Obama and Bush haha.
Mom, you would be proud to hear that I cleaned my bathroom this past week :) Being in the church, it is pretty nice and clean already, so luckily it wasn’t a difficult job. It looks really good. Did at least...
I have created a new hobby... Chopping wood :) I don’t know how or why, but it is something I just love doing now. A really poor lady that lives in front of the church got a bunch of wood this past week, so we have been helping her with it since she is single and such. Helped her a few days last week, but this week we will be helping her a lot more. Service is legit. Especially when it is service that makes you feel like a country cowboy guy haha. I can’t wait to chop again this week. I think I’m going to have to live somewhere where I have a need to chop wood haha. That might be a little too extreme though.

So last night we did something kind of fun. We had our branch president over for dinner. Him and his family. We fed ourselves and 7 others... Kind of crazy haha. Usually missionaries are getting dinner appointments, not making them. Bautista asked the Elders in Quiche to do it though, so we did. It went really well in fact. We just had breakfast burritos, toast, and lemonade (crystal light :) ). I also gave everyone a Reeses at the end for dinner haha. We showed them pictures of our family... Talked about how they met... Just had fun basically.
Cunen is a tough place though. It is really hard to find things to do sometimes... The church has been here some 40 years and the average assistance is like 40. That is one person a year basically. Not a very successful place obviously. I’m still loving it though. Coming from Colo made it easy for me to get used to this. They are basically the same to be honest... I love the mission though. I know I’m supposed to be where I am at.
I’m really excited for Conference weekend. We'll be coming down to Quiche to watch it... Staying the weekend here haha. It is like a 4 or 5 day vacation. Pretty intense haha. Conference is something you really learn to appreciate in the mission. This will be my third one :) President Bautista called me this morning... He said he is coming to Cunen the 20 of October to work with us...... Not sure what is going to happen there haha. I’m nervous but excited at the same time. Should be good. He plans really far in advance though haha.
Well, that was my week. Hope all is well with everyone back home. Bobby, feel better. Cole, kill some people in Soccer. Granddaddy, keep working on that knee. Grandma, good luck with that knee. Everyone else, keep smiling :) Find the good things around you.
I love you all so much! Miss you guys.
David :) aka Elder Bitner

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