Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Email 3 October 2011

Hey there everyone...
We had our weekly activity last week. That was rather fun :) A lady in the ward was supposed to be in charge of it all. We helped her and everything because she was pretty nervous about doing it. She ended up having a last minute meeting with the Community because she works in City Hall of Cunen. Therefore, she asked me to give her message. It was about a talk from last conference by Paul V. Johnson... It was about trials in general. It was a good one. The members participated a lot, so it was easy for me thankfully. Afterwards we put on a little "game". We blindfolded everyone with ties and then put marshmallows throughout the world. They then had to search them out while not being able to see. Then they took off the blindfolds and did the same thing... Just this time they could see. We related it to prophets, and how with prophets we know what is both good and bad. Without them, our vision is kind of blocked. We don’t know how to find the "blessings", or marshmallows, without them. It was a lot of fun. I also played tag with the little kids. I fell pretty hard and got grass all over me haha. It was nice. I really enjoyed that activity...
As some may have noticed, I hit my 14 month mark this past week. That was pretty exciting haha. I love moving up time wise. It is still going by really fast... I guess that is all I can really hope for! My companion bought me ice cream. That was nice of him. He hit his 3 month mark the next day. I bought him a doughnut haha. Seeing how much time he has makes me realize how much closer I really am to getting home. Weird...
It rained a butt load this past week. I can’t even describe how much... It was crazy. We worked in it though because it wasn’t going away, and we had the desire to try and accomplish something haha. The streets turned into rivers... I was walking through inches of water no matter where I tried to walk. On top of that I was carrying an axe haha. As we walked by everyone in the middle of the rain, holding an axe, people were staring. They were all underneath shelter to keep them from getting wet, but my comp and I were going straight down the road. Two big whites with an axe in pouring rain... I’m sure we scared some people.
Did a bunch more service as always... Improved my wood chopping skills. Enjoyed that dearly. The strange service we did was washing a dog. Not something you do very often... haha. We asked jokingly, but they took it seriously and accepted haha. It was fun. Made me miss Dodger a bit. Hopefully he is still hanging in there. While we were at that house washing the dog, I played with their parrot a bit. I was taking a video of it and it decided to attack me! It flew at my camera with its beak haha. It was awesome. I have it on video too, so that makes it even better haha.
Conference was a really good time as you guys have mentioned. It is something I love watching so much now... Luckily, the mission has truly taught me to enjoy it :) I drank Dr Pepper during it... Watched in English... Ate lots of candy and such.... It was a great time :) Saturday's afternoon session gave us here in Xela a nice surprise. Maybe you guys didn’t catch on, but President Uchtdorf will be the one coming to dedicate the temple. That is really exciting for me because he is my favorite haha. We all got super excited when we heard President Monson try to pronounce "Quetzaltenango" haha. On Sunday, after the morning session, we all went back to the Zonies' and made Nachos :) Tons... Salsa and beans as well haha. It was legit. Tasted soo good... I just wish I would have been home for it haha. 13 people from Cunen went to the morning session here in Quiche and that was it. Kind of sad how some people don’t have the privilege of watching it like we do back at home.
I really did enjoy conference though. I liked hearing everyone talk to us about certain things. They were all really good talks. Anyways, the week has been good. Hope all is well. I love you all so much! Miss you guys too... Have a great week :) Talk to ya next Monday.
Elder Bitner

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