Monday, October 10, 2011

Email 10 October 2011

Hey all,
How is everyone doing? Hopefully this past week has been rather good... and everyone is doing well. I really hope Grandma and Granddaddy continue to heal alright. At least they have both had the surgery now.
Anyways, this past week has been pretty good for me. Lots of things happened haha. Hopefully I’ll cover everything.
We'll start off with the most exciting thing though. On Saturday, we were getting our shoes shined in the park. The "Bible Basher" guy from a couple weeks ago was there. He actually came up and talked to us surprisingly haha. We made a deal with him there. We told him that if he came to our church, we would go to his. Sunday morning, he showed up... haha. It was quite the surprise for us. It was testimony meeting, so everything went rather well. He realized that just anyone was going up, so he asked me if he could go up. I didn’t want to, but something made me say yes. He made his way up there and shared a fable of some sort and then asked everyone if they had Bibles haha. He then read some really random scriptures (Psalms 101 and Matthew 24:40-41). It was really strange... I’m just glad he didn’t share the scripture about false prophets like he did with us haha. Because he actually came, we had to go to his church. An Evangelical Church.... "La Iglesia De Dios". It was interesting to say the least. Walking in was the weirdest thing for me. Greeting people of another faith, while I’m representing ours... Not normal. We were seated on the third row. I’ll just point out a few random things about the services. Every time they read, they stood up. They did everything in the "name of the father, the son, and the holy ghost." They prayed numerous times... Some of their prayers brought people down to their knees. Some brought their hands up high in the air. Everyone would pray at the same time... It was crazy. They clapped during all their songs... I joined in on some haha. They sang one song that was the exact same thing as "There is Sunshine In My Soul Today". That was pretty weird haha. They sang another song where the girl just kept singing to "shake hands and give hugs". The entire congregation walked around doing just that. It was like a primary for adults. It was kind of a cool experience though. Not something many missionaries do I assume. However, I was able to :) They actually even tried to "save" my comp at the end.
As for the rest of the week... Had a conference Tuesday. Got a package from Cuque there. Dr Pepper :) Awesome. Got two letters from Jenessa and Kaylene, and that was it. Hopefully I see your package here soon. The conference went well though. I was able to see and talk to Shaw :) That was legit.
Wednesday we had our Zone meeting. A couple Elder's last one in fact. We made them share how they were going to propose to their future wives haha. That was a funny moment. Our closing prayer, we all knelt and interlocked pinkies (slightly apostate). It was a lot of fun.
Wednesday night, a less active showed up to the church at like 10. He was drunk and wanted to talk... I think that is all he really needed. It was just weird hearing someone screaming Elders at 10 at night.
Ate some delicious Tacos Thursday for lunch. Our lunch lady is an amazing cook...
Saturday we did a very intense service project. Hauled dirt from a river to a house... It wasn’t a short walk haha. We had fun doing it with the family though. Skipped rocks... Did cartwheels... Played some other little games. I really like the people in Cunen... They are a lot of fun. Just not the strongest members I guess you could say haha.
Our Branch President and his wife invited us over for dinner Saturday night. That was a good time. Had rice, beans, and meat haha. Typical food I suppose. I’m excited to eat Mom's food someday. I could really use some chicken crescent rolls. They sound delicious.
That is basically my week. Probably skipped on some things, but I have to hurry today. We are going to the Ruins to play Frisbee and what not for the two Elder's last p-day. Don’t want to be the last one like usual haha. Hope all is well though. I miss you all sooo very much. Love you guys dearly :)
Elder Bitner!

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