Sunday, October 30, 2011

Email 24 October 2011

Dearly Beloved,
Happy to say this past week has been a lot better than the previous. Didn’t throw up :) haha. Hopefully Rachel and Bobby enjoyed their anniversary. For some reason, I thought it was Becky's too. I’m getting confused on dates I guess. My bad... That is life a million miles away from home though. Anyways, about the week...
To start things off, I saw something quite interesting Tuesday afternoon when we got back to Cunen. There were a ton of people gathered in the we wanted to see what was going on. We found out that a guy was being whipped. He was caught breaking in the graves of people and stealing all that was in them. The clothes people are buried are really expensive, so he was probably making some pretty good money doing it. But also, according to beliefs here you have to take money in your casket with you to buy things in heaven, so people sometimes put up to 3000 quetzales. He was caught though, and "Mayan Law" is a pretty hardcore thing in this country haha. Got to love it :) 60 whips for grave robbing. Could be better than jail?
We are teaching this guy named Andres and his wife and kids. He is actually the one we had the baptismal date with. That doesn’t exist anymore though... He isn’t married to his "wife", so that complicates the whole thing a lot. We taught them Wednesday night. Things went really well for the most part... At the end of everything he asked us to share with them something we did in our families that may have made us be so blessed in our lives. We began explaining little things that we each did in our families, so they could realize how important the families really are in our church. It was a cool little thing to be a part of. I think one day he will be baptized. I just don’t know if he will be able to before I leave the area. We shall see I suppose.
Wednesday morning we went to Uspantán. That was a fun little adventure. The people we visited actually have come to church two weeks in a row now, so that is progress! haha. We did a little "Paca" shopping... I found a legit Boston Red Sox hoodie. Something you would buy for 50 or 60 bucks in the states... I got it for 2 bucks basically. I love pacas..........
Friday we went to Xela for a "Training Seminar". That was fun I guess... They just talked about how to ask for references from member families. We have been learning a lot about that lately. Kinda weird haha. It was good to practice and see though. Sister Bautista gave us homemade carrot cake. It was delicious. I have started to like cake kinda in this country... Who would have thought that Guatemala would make a white boy like cake? haha. As we were just chatting around in the parking lot of the church, President Lorenzana showed up haha. He was dropping off his wife for some activity.
Saturday night we had an activity. We had it in another city though... 10 of us packed into the back of a member's little Toyota pickup haha. It was cold... The rain is going away, and the cold is coming. Not a bad trade off for now. Luckily for me, I love just about all types of weather. The activity went well. The guy didn’t have a message prepared... So that left it on who??? My companion :) hahaha. I obviously talked a lot too, but I let him lead the way. Worked fine. The lady did make doughnut holes for the refreshment though. Those were delicious haha. I was excited.
So I know this is a little shorter than normal. Not much to say though.. haha. This morning for P-Day we went and played a few little sports at the church. We had a competition to see who could throw the football the furthest. I won :) Hit a bus actually doing it haha. Pretty legit if you ask me...
Life is good though. Hope all is going well for you guys... I miss you all and love you all sooo very much! Have great weeks :)
or Elder Bitner
Riding on top of microbus - please be safe Elder

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