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Email 31 October 2011

Hey peoples,
Things are still going well still. Today is Halloween... No one here really celebrates it for those of you that have forgotten. Tomorrow is a Holiday though... "Dia de Los Santos". It is kind of like a Memorial Day in America. Everyone just goes to the cemetery and visits deceased loved ones... Tomorrow is also Mom's Birthday. Happy Birthday mom! Hope you enjoy being 54... I’ll be home to see you become a senior citizen at least haha. That will be funny... Anyways, on to the good stuff.....
Last P-Day after internet, we managed to get our hands on the board game Clue! We played it for a good while. I almost won... Didn’t though. I forgot how much I liked that game haha. That night we actually played spoons too for a family home evening. That was a lot of fun haha. Related it to Faith, Repentance, Baptism/Gift of the Holy Ghost, and Enduring to the End. It was a fun little event haha.
I hit 15 months this past week... I’m in the single digit club now. Weird to think about. It just keeps flying by!
Wednesday I went on divisions with Elder King. That was a lot of fun... We met him and his comp in a little place between Cunen and Quiche called Sacapulas. From there King and I rode on the top of a microbus back to Cunen sitting on top of boxes, holding on to little bits of string. It was a scary at parts... Especially because we were above the clouds most of the drive. Good times... He and I did a few visits that night when we got back. I really like working with him... We are able to have a lot of fun with people because his Spanish is legit. It isn’t fair. The whole purpose of the divisions was to go contact a reference we received in this far away place that missionaries haven’t been too. It is a small little city called Chajul, and it is about 2 hours north of Cunen. It was awesome... Thursday morning we left Cunen. Traveled through Nebaj and then kept on going to Chajul. The drive was sooo beautiful... Tons of huge mountains for many miles... Just covered in trees... It was sooo green haha. Nice change from the dirt of Arizona. We got to Chajul and went to the central park. There the reference met us. His name is William and he is 16. He walked us back to his house so we could visit with him. On the way there he said that his family was preparing lunch for us haha. Pretty legit reference if you ask me. Once we got to his humble abode, we met his parents and 3 sisters. His dad began talking our ears off. Lovely man though. We found out that he was a pastor for an evangelical church for 20 years. He served missions for the church in Africa, Costa Rica, and El Salvador. He knew a lot of stuff, so that made teaching a lot easier. We taught them about the Restoration. Left them 2 Books of Mormon and some pamphlets. They were pretty positive surprisingly... They then gave us lunch and sat there and watched us eat. I have a feeling they spent most of their food money on us that day. Very kind people... As we visited with them, we found out there were ruins in Chajul and Quetzales (the National Bird, which are very rare). I’m hoping to be able to go back there before I leave Cunen so I can try to find one of them haha. The visit went really well for us... Better than we imagined it would. I’m going to call them later today to see if they were able to read anything we left them. He told us he was looking for a new church where he could be some kind of leader. If we could get him baptized...the church up there would spread like crazy. This guy was legit... We can only hope though right? On the way back to Quiche, we stopped in Nebaj. I found a Dbacks shirt in a paca. Bought it for 60 American cents. The only problem is...it's an extra large haha. One of you guys will get it because it isn’t going to fit me...
Friday we had a big activity for our branch. We actually are going to have another this coming Saturday. Cunen is starting to do things! Miracles do happen once in a while... That Hilary Duff is a smart girl. Anyways, this activity we had was legit. A bunch of people just came to play soccer and to buy food. The branch is trying to raise some money, so they can go to the open house. Sadly, it isn’t working very effectively. At least they are trying though... That is what the activity Saturday is too. They are going to make Tacos and then have people come buy them for dinner. I’m really excited for it because the tacos in the country (Cunen specifically) are delicious. It is going to be a good day :)
I did get pouch this week. That was an exciting day. 2 packages! One from the family and one from a friend. Both were great packages... haha. My new backpack is with me right now. I like it for the most part. The pockets are semi-inconvenient, but it does the job. I’m not sure how much I like the blue factor of it. Just black would have been better, but whatever! haha. I’m happy with it. Thanks for the USB and what not. I was a little sad the memory cards didn’t have my pictures still. I was looking forward to seeing my pictures from Colo again. No biggie though... Rachel's little "surprise" was awesome haha. "Pancake Lover". I’m just glad no one understands that but me and her... The package from the friend had a bunch of candies and such. I was really happy about it too haha. You guys did forget peanut butter though... I would like that for Christmas if possible :)
Our shower broke this past week. It is only cold water now. We have to buy a new head... Hopefully we can get the mission to pay for it. We'll have to see I guess. If not, this is going to be a miserable couple weeks haha.
I gave a talk on Faith yesterday in Church. Fun stuff... haha. The Branch President called us Saturday night and asked us both to speak because he forgot to ask other people. Went alright I think... We had one of our investigators come for the first time yesterday, so that was neat for us :)
Something I forgot to mention about Halloween... Today I dressed up as President Monson. Wrote on a piece of paper and taped it over my plaque. Fun stuff haha. Missionary humor really sucks... haha.
Well, that has been my week. I think I have quite a few pìcs to send, so I better get on that. Again, I hope you have a very happy birthday mom! I love you all so much! Have great weeks.
Elder Bitner/David :)
Central Park in Chajul

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