Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Email 12 March 2012

Heyy buddies,
To start off, I would like to wish dad a late Happy Birthday! and also a happy anniversary to both mom and dad :) Hope you guys were able to enjoy the two big days this past week.
Wednesday was a big make up lunch... We ate barbeque chicken with a little salad :) It was delightful. Haven’t had chicken so good my entire mission. He told me they intentionally tried to make it like an American "churrasco". No lunch beat Friday's though... Dad's big 57th birthday. We ate with the Bishop, and the days we eat with him always excites me! Started with a soup with shreds of tortillas and lots of avocado (soo good), followed by a big ol' plate of deliciousness. Two baked potatoes (my first ones in 19 months), a nice piece of beef, bratwurst, and a little salad of mixed veggies. Oh it was awesome haha. Then when we finished they threw us a bowl of chocolate ice cream with sliced bananas and chocolate syrup. It was remarkably awesome. Love eating there... They always do it big and good.
I helped Bergeson and Cuellar make invitations to a wedding/baptism they had on Friday. The cool thing for me was that I was the one to start the teaching. The wife was a reference of an investigator that I’ve been teaching. Our investigator would bring her over to our lessons so we could teach the both of them. Turned out the wife (the lady we taught) was already a member. She was baptized when she was just 10 years old. But  now she is married to her husband, and her husband and 3 kids that are of age were baptized. One of the many mini-miracles in the mission that we get to see as Elders. Pretty legit how things can work out sometimes, ya know?
Wednesday after our Zone Meeting we were going to make pupusas as a zone, but the power to the church went out. Instead, Celis and I got together with the Sisters and Bergeson and Cuellar to make them at night for dinner for us and a less active lady. It was probably the most fun pupusa experience for me thus far. They tasted really good too in fact! I still need to perfect my abilities at making the things however.
Went on divisions this past week for just the night time... Cuellar and I went to this little place called Cantel to help 2 missionaries there (Bosh and Allen). The plan was to put baptismal dates with two people, but the appointment that I was supposed to go to with Allen ended up falling through, so we just went back to Bosh's and Cuellar's. Got there just in time to see them put a "fecha" for next Saturday. The purpose of the whole thing actually worked out. Love when that happens..
Another cool thing that happened is that Elder King (my good ol' La ViƱa buddy) is in my Zone now. He left the office and is now training his last change and a half. We seem to just follow each other on our missions...
We had a good Ward Council yesterday. Began to make some good plans to help us out with the mission leader and the bishop. I have a very good feeling about it all, but there is always that chance that it won’t work out. I’m definitely hoping and praying that some good comes out of everything we try to do though.
Anyways, I hope all continues to go well for everyone. Again, I hope you enjoyed the big days this past week. Take care all. Love you so very much.
Elder Bitner

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