Sunday, August 8, 2010

First email: 4 August 2010

Hola mi familia!
The MTC is pretty good. The first few days were absolute torture. I felt so discouraged and homesick, but that is going away.
First off, I only have half an hour to do this, so it is going to be short. I sent a letter Monday so that should get there today hopefully.
Overall it has been a very humbling experience. I just got back from the Temple in fact.  Also, last night we had a Devotional. Elder L. Lionel Kendricks of the Emeritus Quorum of the Seventy spoke to us. It was incredible. My companion and I were sitting back row. One of the leaders came and got us and let us sit front row! It was really cool! He talked about how we should always have the motto, "I can do something hard." A mission is the hardest thing ever, and it has only been 1 weeks (103 more to go haha). That quote spoke to me so much. It was incredible to be so reassured.
Anyways, my letter should say most of what has happened. I sent some pages of my journal in it as well so you could see what it has been like for me day in and day out
The language is coming slowly, quite complicated, and the testimony is building stronger everyday.

Elder David Rowe Bitner

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