Sunday, August 8, 2010

Letter Written 2 August 2010

Mi madre y mi padre (and everyone else that reads it)

The MTC is pretty good. I've been homesick a lot. All I want is to see my family, or even talk to you guys every day. That would make it so much more bearable. Oh well, I 'm here for the right reasons. I feel like once I get out in the field, time will start to fly by.

As for your questions: me and my companion got top bunks. We are rooming with two others in the smallest room in the building. I get out of bed easy, one of my roommates has offered to shake me every morning. As for my companion his name is Elder Thomas Sicotte. He is from Draper, Utah. Yes, I did get the cookies – tell Cole he need not worry. I have seen Elder Wood a few times at meals because we have the same meal time.
The days went by really slow at first. They are starting to pick up pace though supposedly it will fly by now that I’m past Sunday. I just study, go to meetings, play soccer, eat and partake in the spirit every day. My district and zone are really cool. Everyone gets along great. My other roommates are Elder Hatch and Elder McFarland. Four from our district are going to my mission and the other eight are going to Chile.

FYI Dear Elder is amazing, the letters are free and I get them everyday. The food is good and the milk is muy bueno.

Love, Elder David Rowe Bitner

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